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 Beginners Forum: Introduce Yourself!

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PostSubject: Beginners Forum: Introduce Yourself!   Thu Feb 09, 2012 5:04 am

It seems like tons of other forums have an introduce yourself thread.. and we seem to get a few threads per week where newbies introduce themselves.. so let's all do it here

I've been playing poker since I was little, when my uncle would play 5card draw, baseball, and whatever crazy game he could think of. Cards were always the one thing my family always did together.. so I've always had a love of cards. I started playing hold em in October of 2003 when a few friends showed up and said hey get some change together and lets play this card game we learned. I thought it was ok, but not my cup of tea. I played it again, for pretzels this time.. a month later at another friends house.. and this time I was hooked. From then on, my friends and I had a weekly $10 sng... awful structure.. something like 5/10 blinds (that we almost never remembered to raise).. 50,000 starting stack. Games would go like 10 hours... with usually myself and another friend chopping.

In December, I broke my foot playing basketball and was in a cast for 7 months... and that's when poker took over. Play money at first..but then I came across all of the free $50 sites for party poker, and their skins..and I signed up so many times with those, and busted every one. I did them all... 4 free sng's at true poker.. free $10 at VC poker.. free $10 at royal vegas poker and all of it's skins.. I did them all, I did them several times..and I busted every time.

I played play money some more.. until a friend sent me $25 on stars and taught me how to play the micro games... and from then on, my poker life consisted of grinding out a few hundred, cashing it out..starting over. I've always played a mix of sngs cash and mtts.. so I'm competent at all 3, but have huge leaks in all 3 as well... but I find it fun playing different games at different times. Overall, I'm happy with what I've done so far with poker.. having only deposited small amounts twice to take advantage of some crappy bonuses... and now I'm actually giving myself a chance to see what I can do if I give myself a chance in games that aren't super micros.

tl;dr....... gtfo
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Champ Slice
The Boss
The Boss
Champ Slice

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PostSubject: Re: Beginners Forum: Introduce Yourself!   Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:40 pm

no u

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Bronze Member

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PostSubject: Re: Beginners Forum: Introduce Yourself!   Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:50 am

My counter argument: Comeatmebro, and fightmeIRL
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PostSubject: Re: Beginners Forum: Introduce Yourself!   

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Beginners Forum: Introduce Yourself!
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