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PostSubject: King   Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:17 pm

Why… why did I defend her? I treat her like she means nothing to me and yet she does so why I did I fight back why did I raise my fits..? This feeling what is it… I’m heated up and I want to hurt him…. Why? What is this feeling…? I felt this a long time ago but I can’t remember…. So I don’t understand why am I fighting…? I don’t understand what is this feeling… What is this?
Chapter 1 Coming Undone

I am Jake and I keep to myself yet people still talk to me so I put on a mask when I talk to others showing them other side of me and with this mask I have another behind it. Now I don’t know what is the real me the face I show to other or the face I show too few. Who am I? What am I? I have given up on this now I don’t care I just continue to put on a show. I want to be left alone... Why should I care about anyone here? I don’t deserve to be happy I’m meant to suffer and be alone everyone should stop trying to make me smile for real isn’t this false smile enough for you.

We see Jake walking to his last class of the day of day he had just come out of his other science and is heading to his history class at the end of the hall. It is now 1:30 PM his class starts at 2:00 PM

Jake: (Good this day is almost over after this class I can go home and won’t have to deal with people hmm at least until next week).

Liz: Jake!!!

Liz jumps on Jake’s back Jake looks at her and smiles.

Jake: Hi Liz (Liz… she at it again she has a huge crush on me and yet she says nothing about it she expects me to say something which I won’t be doing so I hope she moves on one day).

Liz: Heading to class now so soon it’s still early to go there.

Jake: Oh yeah I just wanted to use the computer for a while to get ahead (hmm I was hoping to avoid talking to people I guess I can forget about that). So what’s up Liz what are you doing?

Liz: Oh nothing I wanted to tell you that we are going to the café for some lunch you want to come I bet your hungry too by now.

Jake: Yeah I’ll meet you guys there after class (oh great now I have to talk so much for going home).

Liz: Great see you there.

Jake: Yeah no problem. (Every time it’s the same thing always trying to get to know me better).

It is now 4:00 PM class is over and Jake starts walking to the cafeteria.

Jake: Hmm looks like I got here before the others.

Jake walks in the line and grabs some foods then he finds an empty table and sits at it. Moments later Liz walks in. She looks around and sees Jake she wants to him puts her stuff on the table tells him to watch it while she gets food as well. She gets her food and walks back to the table and sits.

Jake: Where are the others?

Liz: They texted me and said they couldn’t make it they had to go so it’s just us for now.

Jake: Oh I see (Did she set this up?).

Liz: What’s going on now a days?

Jake: Nothing much same old same old (I wonder when I should leave or should I wait for her to leave first).

Liz: Oh that’s goods well new things happened to me I got a job at a deli.

Jake: Oh that’s great.

They sit and talk for about thirty minutes and while there talk load noises come from the outs side people saying “stop you can’t go in without an ID” and then the noise stops.

Liz: What was that?

Someone walking up the stairs and then enters the cafeteria. A man big wearing a black leather coat zip all the way up to his neck with spikes on his shoulders, black gloves with tight blue jeans, and he has a biker helmet with his shield down so you can’t see his face. He takes off his helmet and you see ear rings long spiked hair and a tattoo of fire on his left check. He then speaks load for everyone to hear.

Flame: I am Flame that’s what everyone here will call me got it. I’m here for a fight witch one of you coward’s wishes to fight me.

Everyone begins to look confused expect one. He points at Jake.

Flame: You! I can see the fire in your eyes fight me!

Jake: What!

He runs and jumps on top of Jake pinning him to the ground. He then gets off of him saying.

Flame: Come on kid get up hahahaaa you should be a easy win for me with this last win I can finally enter the fights.

Jake gets up and throws a fits but Flame dodges it and punches Jake with a left hook then gives him a right jab and a left jab to his gut then gives a left uppercut making Jake fall back and laying on the ground in pain. Other in the cafeteria start running out of the room and other stay to watch too scared to step in. Jake gets up breathing hard; he stands up right raises his fits to defend himself.

Flame: Oh nice you got up.

Flame then rushes Jake moving to his left side and does a swap kick to knock Jake off balance witch works and while that happens he moves in with a kick to the gut. Jake falls to his knees and coughs trying to breathe. Flame grabs Jake by his hair and punches him in the face making him fall backwards laying on his side. Liz then jumps on Flames back.

Liz: Leave him alone!

Flame: Stupid girl!

Flame grabs Liz hair and throws her to the ground; she falls to her back then sits up Flame moves in for a punch Liz looks in fear. Jake opens his eyes. While Flame was in the middle of the punch Jake grabs his forearm stopping his attack.

Jake: I don’t care what you do to me but I won’t allow you to hurt her.

Jake squeezes his forearm so tight that his bone was about to break but Flame gets out of the grab before it does. Flames grabs his arm and looks at Jake in a rage he rushes in for a right punch but Jake moves out of the way and then he grabs Flame other arm and breaks it with one hand making his forearm bend upwards. Flame falls to the ground streaming in pain. Jake walks to Flame, Flame starts to crawl away. Jake walks up to him with fire in his eyes and he speaks in a deeper voice then before.

Jake: What’s the matter I thought you said this would be an easy win. Come one get up I’m not done with you just yet.

Flame: No get away from me.

Flame gets up and tries to run but he did not realize that he backed himself to a corner. Jake then gives Flame a right jab to the gut then left and right again he does it over and over then gives a right hook to his face making him lose balance, Jake grabs his head moves it back and gives him another right hook to the face this time making him fall to his knees and he coughs out blood. Jake grabs Flame and the starts to chock him with his left hand he moves his right arm back getting ready to give him the finishing blow. Liz jumps on Jake back.

Liz: Jake please stop its over just stop!

Jake lets go of Flame and falls to the ground he’s out cold. A voice comes out form the entrance of the cafeteria saying “Not bad”.

War-Rock: You can call me War-Rock don’t worry I’m not a friend of his just watching a good fight.

Jake voice still deep but gets softer.

Jake: War-Rock huh what’s up with you people and your nick names?!

War-Rock: Well Witness The match is over take Flame out of here.

Witness: Yes your right… battle over winner Jake.

Jake and Liz look saying a guy outside the window wearing nothing but white cloths and wearing a helmet that blinks.

Witness: Match recorded and sent. Congratulations Jake you are now rank One hundred. You are entered in the fight for the title King.
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Champ Slice
The Boss
The Boss
Champ Slice

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PostSubject: Re: King   Fri Jul 17, 2009 6:26 am

Good story, I read this one first cause it was the shortest. Is this like a prequel to "Red Jewel" or is it a new story entirely

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PostSubject: Re: King   Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:42 am

a new story entirely
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Posts : 52
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Age : 30
Location : Hyrule flieds

PostSubject: Re: King   Fri Sep 04, 2009 12:16 am

Chapter 2 King
The room now empty, everyone has field when the fight ended now Jake and Liz face War-Rock and this man wearing nothing but white who call himself Witness. Jake voice switching from deep to soft.
Jake: King.
War-Rock: Oh that’s right… Battle for King! The Greatest of all fights!!
War-Rock look at Jake and sees Jake is not moved by his word nor did Jake looked confused, Liz on the other hand looked confused, War-Rock smiles.
War-Rock: HAhahaaaa! Oh your one strong kid to be able to beat Flame like you did.
Jake: Do you have a problem with that.
War-Rock: Oh no I was coming here too take him out myself but you beat me to it. I’m still in for the battle for King but I wanted to get rid of his smart mouth.
Witness: Jake I need a blood sample.
War-Rock: Some of his blood is on the floor take some of that.
Witness: That blood is no good at this point.
Jake: I have no intention for this fight for King.
War-Rock: I see.
War-Rock rushes at Jake for a punch, Jake moves out of the way but he is moving much slower than he was before making the punch connect. Jake stumbles back raises is fits tries to punch back but moving too slow for War-Rock he easily avoids it and punches Jake in the gut. Jake lands on his knees blood comes out of his mouth a Witness stands next to Jake and takes a sample of Jakes blood.
Witness: Thank you Jake.
Liz rushes to Jake. Jake looks at War-Rock.
War-Rock: Don’t give me that look you I think you know full well that a Witness would have cut you up for a sample. All though I see know when you fought Flame that was a different you wasn’t it, right now you changing back to the you that you show everyone. That is interesting.
Jake: Screw you!
Liz: Come down! What the hell is going on why are you doing this?
Liz: Jake I’m sure someone called 911.
War-Rock: I’m sure someone did but they won’t come.
Liz: What do you mean?
Witness: Police would not interfere with King.
Liz: What do you mean?
War-Rock: “King” is a battle for control and to test our limits.
Liz: Control? Control what?
War-Rock: That you don’t need to know.
Liz: Wait then why won’t the police interfere then?
Witness: Part is that we pay them off there is lots of money for every fight many powerful people take bets to see who will win, even the power houses in the police force take part in bets.
Liz: And the other part?
Witness: You don’t need to know.
War-Rock: I think it’s time for us to go, Jake right? I hope we fight one day good luck.
Witness: I will take Flame now.
The Witness takes Flame and leaves War-Rock follows. Jake gets up healed from War-Rock attack.
Liz: Jake are you ok?
Jake: Don’t worry about me I’m a fast healer.
Jake begins to walk away having trouble waking right.
Liz: Wait don’t go your hurt let me go with you.
Jake: You’re not frightened, even after I showed you how I fight.
Liz: You defended yourself why would I be afraid of you.
Jake: I didn’t want you to see that (Why do I even care why am I saying this?). This is something you shouldn’t know about me (Why am I still going? Walk away damn you!).
Jake begins to run away he runs to the train station.
Jake: (Why am I so, I’ve forgotten this feeling it’s been so long I’m afraid she might see the real me why?) Why am I so scared?!!!!
Jake makes it to the train he sits to rest. Jake then see someone looking at him, he looks away, then Jake turns his head and see another man in white. He sees that the train has only three people in it including himself. He thinks to himself “here we go again”. In a deep voice Jake says.
Jake: Alright let’s get this over with.
The fighter gets up he’s big much bigger then Flame he wears baggy blue jeans with a blue shirt.
Jakes: Let’s go!
The big guy rushes at Jake throws a punch but Jake moves out of the way he grabs his arm and throws the big guy over his head making him land on his back. The big guy gets up and tries to kick Jake but Jake grabs his leg and he elbows his knee then the pulls his leg closer to him to make the big guy lose his balance, with him off balance Jake lets go of his leg and moves in Jake punches him with a left hook. The big guy falls to the ground and Jake jumps making his knees up to his chest and then slamming his feet on the big guy’s chest. The big guy gets up and again and picks up Jake throwing him across the train, Jake and the big guy fight all over the train hitting and slamming into everything. Jake grabs the big guy’s head and slams it on the metal poll and then kicking him with a jump roundhouse kick in the back of the head. The big guy passes out.
Jake: It’s over.
Witness: Match recorded and sent congratulations Jake you rank 90.
Jake: Fine make sure he goes to the hospital.
Witness: Yes of course but why didn’t you kill him?
Jake: I’m tired of killing I’m sick of all theses fights.
Witness: Yes, We know who you are Jake it’s been a long time glad to see you back.
Jake: I didn’t choose to be.
Witness: They must have found you then.
Jake: Yes I believe so.
The train stops and the doors open other waiting to be on the train look inside and see the chairs, floor and, windows are broken. Jake walks out of the train and moves on to the stairs. More men in white run down the stairs and they collect the big guy telling everyone not to take this part and to move on. Jake makes it home and rest on his bed.
Jake: Now what will I do?
The door bell rings Jake gets up and opens the door.
Liz: Hey it took a while to find this place can I come in?
Jake: (What is she doing here why is my heart pounding) Sure.
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PostSubject: Re: King   Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:04 pm

Any chance you're ever gonna finish this piece of crap story?

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PostSubject: Re: King   

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