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     Red Jewel 3: WAR!!

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    PostSubject: Red Jewel 3: WAR!!   Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:14 pm

    When the first attack from a supernatural being known as Dragoon there was destruction everywhere. When he first showed himself the U.S. military stood no chance, it has been three years since he as disappeared and military funding increased greatly with that I can honestly say that we still stand no chance still. The military concluded that without illegally testing there no way we have the power instead we must rely on the one who defeated him before. We in the military did not know that he would return but with an army. My code name is Luso Jon and this is my side of what happened during the war as I was ordered I will start at the beginning.

    Chapter 1 Luso Jon

    Jon: When I begin I will not be using my real name all parts of my name will be replaced with Jon but the rest of the names you hear will be the real name of the others. I had a family; I had a wife and child… but no more.

    Liz: Hey Jon wake up it time to go.

    Jon: Already what time is it.

    Liz: It’s eight o’clock

    Jon: Liz is my late wife name we meet in the military it is agents’ military code to have a relationship with anyone so we left and started a life together.

    Jr: Daddy, Daddy!!

    Jon: yeah I’m awake come here Jon.

    Jon: Jon is my late son’s name but for this I will call him Jr. Jr. is my only son.

    Jr.: Come on Dad get ready.

    Jon: Ok, ok, go eat some breakfast.

    Jr.: Ok!

    Jon: My late son was six years old. When dragoon first attacked all three of us were killed but somehow we were brought back we didn’t care how we came back we were just happy to be back. That was about three months ago.

    Jon: Yup that was good. Ok Jr. go brush now

    Jr.: K

    The phone rings.

    Jon: Hello…. Yes….oh…..alright.

    Liz: Who was that?

    Jon: My boss he needs me to do some paper work on the cars I sold.

    Liz: But you can’t go to work today what about your son’s play at the carnival

    Jon: Yeah I know the show won’t start till noon I’ll make it by that time.

    Liz: Alright if you say so.

    Jon: Hey Jr.

    Jr.: Yeah!

    Jon: Listen I have to go to work to do something.

    Jr.: But my play.

    Jon: Hey don’t worry I’ll make it in time for it.

    Jr.: Ok.

    Jon: That’s my boy. Ok see yea later.

    Liz: Bye.

    Jr.: Bye

    It is now one o’clock and Jon makes it in time to see the last act.

    Jon: Hey Liz

    Liz: You’re late.

    Jon: Yeah I know tell me what happened.

    The play was over and they were ready to leave.

    Jr.: did you like the play Daddy.

    Jon: Of course I did.

    Liz: You come in your car I’ll take Jr. go get your car and we’ll head home

    Jon: Alright.

    They head home Jon’s car behind his wife and son, his son in the back seat of his mother car waving at his father who is behind them in his car. Jon waves back. The light turns green and his wife moves forward….

    ???1: What’s the matter Jon finish your report.

    Jon: Yes sir.

    There car moves forward and a truck driver doing over time falls asleep at the wheel and hits their car.

    Jon: No!... NO!!!

    Jon gets out of his car and runs to check on his wife and son they both are still breathing then he checks the truck driver he did not have his seat belt on and flow out the front window he died there.

    Jon: Doctor are they going to be ok.

    Doctor: it’s too early to tell they have…

    Jon: No don’t tell me just do what you need to do.

    Doctor: Of course.

    Four hours has passed the doctor had returned to give the news.

    Doctor: I’m sorry but we lost Liz and your son.

    Jon: That can’t be.

    Doctor: I’m sorry we did everything we could.

    Jon: No!! If you did they be alive.

    Doctor: I’m sorry.

    Jon: RRRRRAAAAA!!!

    Jon screams in anger then begins to cry. Six months had passed since that time and

    Jon had rejoined the military.

    General: your name is Jon correct.

    Jon: Yes sir.

    General: Well Jon you have high marks in everything you’ve done so far. How would you like to join a special unit?

    Jon: Special unit?

    General: Yes it was made after the attack.

    Jon: Yes sir I would like to join what is the unit called sir.

    General: It is named after the one who saved us from Chaos.

    Jon: But sir we don’t know his name.

    General: Yes we do his name is Angel.

    Jon: Angel.

    General: Welcome to the Angel unit. Your code name will be Luso Jon.

    Jon: Luso Jon.

    General: Is there something wrong.

    Jon: No sir but would you please just call me Jon.

    General: Very well Jon.

    Jon: That is how I got my code name.

    ???1: Very good go and take a rest we will call you for your next report.

    Jon: Yes sir.

    ???2: When he returns his next report will be about the day of the war.

    ???1: Yes.

    ???3: When do you think he.

    ???1: In due time we will do this by the book.
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    Red Jewel 3: WAR!!
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