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 Red Jewel 2: Reborn The End

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PostSubject: Red Jewel 2: Reborn The End   Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:12 pm

Red Jewel 2
Reborn The End
Chapter 1: The beginning

A long time ago before the attack of Metro and Shadow even years before the Sagas came to power even before The Light and The Sorcerer die in battle and has power over the lands of their time. The young sagas when they were mere children and have never met each other before the old Sagas showed them the way. Entei age 4 Suge is his real name.

Entei: Mother, Father what’s wrong!

Entei’s Mother: Suge go to your room and wait there.

Sage of fire: Your son is important he has power of fire within him and a future with the world saver.

Entei’s Father: Suge does not have to go with you he is still too young it is up to him in the future, now leave.

Sage of fire: Now, now it looks like I have no chose then goodbye.

The Sage turns his back and starts to walk out the door but then he turns his head and looks and Entei’s father and mother and in an instant they both went up to flames and Suge watches as his parents burn up in flames with soon nothing left but ashes Suge runs in the room yelling.


The then grabs him and picks him up, Suge kicking and screaming.

Sage of fire: You will come with me now if you want to chance to kill me then I will train you until you are stronger then me, then and only then will you have your revenge on me and you name will now be Entei of the Flame and you will met the other that will soon join you.

Entei: …Others?

Sage of fire: Yes. Rocks of the Earth, Cloud of the Sky, Thunder of the Clouds, and Waves of the Ocean.

Entei: Are they like me.

Sage of fire: Yes just like you with their own powers. The training will begin as soon as we get to the temple.

After the others where taken from their families the same way Entei was by the Sage of Earth, Sage of Wind, Sage of Thunder, and the Sage of Water. Each Sage has their own temples of Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, and Wind. The Sages gather at the temple of Life and Death.

Sage of Thunder: This place is hard enough to with all the locks why did we have to meet here Fire.

Sage of Fire: Yes I know this place is difficult to get to but it is the perfect place to take because no one else can get here but us because of are power.

Sage of Fire: I know that I’m not an idiot.

Sage of Water: I wonder sometimes.

Sage of Fire: What was that!

Sage of Water: You heard me!

Sage of Fire: You want to take this outside!

Sage of Earth: Stop it both of you! We came for important business so cut it out.

Sage of Wind: Yes let us hear it and why did we have to bring the children here too.

Sage of Fire: Alright first the kids must meet each other and train together until The Light and The Shadow are born. Their power will be stronger then all of us with proper training of course.

Sage of Thunder: Well it will be years before they are strong enough.

Sage of Wind: Yes time is not with us.

Sage of Earth: So train them here and teach them all we know.

Sage of Water: Then let us begin.

Sage of Fire: Wait when The Light and The Shadow are their power will be amazing for their age maybe stronger then us.

Sage of Fire: then let stop talking and get on with it.

10 years pass since the meeting and all of their training came down to the day when The Light and The Shadow are born.

Sage of Fire: Ok kids there’s a demon here find it and destroy it if you can.

The children go and try to find the demon and the others look at the sky and see that the solar eclipse is coming.

Sage of Thunder: Were running out of time.

Sage of Water: Are the kids strong enough yet.

Sage of Earth: Soon they will be.

Sage of Wind: It looks like they found the demon and it a big one.

The children fight a huge demon with a black body and a white make for a face, it has no arm and legs it move like a snake. The five fight the demon, they jump to avoid the demons attack and they us there power of the elements to attack Thunder uses his attack to cut the demon in half from the face down.

Sage of Fire: Look they won.

Sage of Wind: Wow that demon was a high level bigger then all of them.

Sage of Earth: Yes, it looks like they have the power now.

Sage of Water: Look the eclipse has started.

Sage of Thunder: So they have been born.

The solar eclipse has started and ended.

When all of the Sages look at the solar eclipse the other five children look at the Sages the coming at the Sages were Water, Wind, Earth, Fire, and Thunder firing at them. The Sages saw the attack and the Sages shielded themselves.

Sage of Fire: You kids are impatient you can wait to kill us a little longer

Thunder: We are tried of waiting for the chance to kill you for are families.

Sage of Thunder: Four more years that how much time we have left.

Sage of Wind: Four more years is the chance to kill us for… your families! Hahaahaa!

Rocks: We will get stronger and stronger.

Waves: To kill you!

Cloud: To kill you all Sages!

Sage of Fire: Let’s head back.

4 years have past since and The Light and The Dark have reached their age.

Sage of Fire: Hey kids, meet The Light and The Dark they will train with you for now on.

The Light: My real name is Kratos.

The Dark: My real name is Zelos.

Entei: Hey my real name is Suge

Rocks: My name is…

Cloud: My name is…

Thunder: My name is…

Waves: My name is…

Chapter 2: Dark and Light Books

Sage of Fire: Now because you two are different you both will read from these books the book covered in gold is called The Light Book and the book covered in black inc and skin is called The Dark Book by your names you now which book you will read now go and read and then train.

The Light and The Dark speak at the same time.

The Light and Dark: No we will read when we feel like.

Sage of Thunder: What did that kid say!?

Sage of Wind: You two better work or else.

Sage of Earth: We will have to punish you both.

Sage of Water: You got that you brats.

The Light and The Dark power start to rise and the Sages can feel it.

Sage of Fire: They have this much power!!

The power gets higher and higher. The Light and Dark speak.

The Light and Dark: Your death comes now!

The power of The Light and The Dark over power the Sages and in an instant a flash of white and black power cover the Sages and then when the power disappears the Sages are not there.

Thunder: You killed them.

Water: No way.

The Light and Dark speak.

The Light and Dark: Now we will read. The rest of you, we will train later.

Entei: The reason why we trained so hard was to kill them but.

Thunder not happy of what he saw.

Thunder: No…NO! I wanted to kill the Sage of Thunder but you killed them without even trying.

Cloud: What now.

Waves: What do mean “What now” it over.

Entei: He means what do we do now the Sages are dead, so what do we do.

The Light: You keep training.

Thunder: Why? For what?

The Dark: So children like us will never happen again.

For the next ten years the new Sages have trained and protected the people from attack of demons and bandits. Anything that was evil in this world they fought agents it until.

The Light: What do you mean your leaving, bother why?

The Dark: I just want to be on my own for a while and I am taking the Dark Book with me.

Entei: But we need you your part of this team.

The Dark: Don’t worry I’ll be back I just have to do something.

The Dark leaves the room but before he leaves he says.

The Dark: Don’t call “The Dark” anymore it sounds too evil to be a protector of the people so, for now on just call me… The Sorcerer.

Five year has past since The Sorcerer left the group. Then one day he came back but was different.

The Light: Bother it good to see you again.

The Sorcerer: Yes it nice to be back.

Thunder ruses in the room.

Thunder: we have reports of someone with magic abilities is has been killing humans.

The Light: Damn call the other were leaving, bother will you join us.

The Sorcerer: I’ll catch up to you later first I have to put The Dark Book back.

The Light: Ok, were off!

They all left.

The Sorcerer: Finally now it time to go to work.

When the other return with no new information they head back to the temple of Light and Dark but something was different.

The Light: What! Someone took The Light Book!

Entei: No way the only people that can get here is one of us but we were all together.

The Light: No! Brother! We have to find The Sorcerer!!

When they were running out of the temple they saw him.


The Sorcerer: Hhaahaaahaaahaa!! Sorry brother but… I did.

Everyone in shock.

The Light: Why? Why? WWHHYY???

Waves: Look he has The Light Book!

Rocks: He also has The Dark Book too!!

Cloud: What are you doing? What’s your plan?

The Sorcerer: What do you think? I want power over everything!! Thanks to The Dark Book I can make something that can give absolute power.

Thunder: Why do you have The Light Book?

The Sorcerer: Well The Light Book is the only thing that can stop me so…

The Sorcerer then throws the book to the ground and burns it.

The Light: NNOOO!!

The Sorcerer: Sorry guys but it time for me to go.

Entei: Stop!!

The Sorcerer makes a smoke screen and then is gone.

Entei: Damn! He got away, we have to find him.

Thunder: Wait! The Light are you ok?

The Light: He is my brother… but we can’t let him do this anymore we have to stop him at all costs. Lets move out!!

All: Right!!

They all run out of the temple.

The Light: Ok lets split up and if you find him make a signal. NOW SPLIT!!!

They all went off in different directions. After a long search Entei find him on top of a mountain with a cabin.

Entei: Found him better call the other.

The Sorcerer: So you found eh!!

Entei: What!! How?

The Sorcerer: The Dark Book gave me what I needed. Sure it isn’t done yet but the book spells gave me power.

Entei: Damn!!

Entei jump and shots his fire in the air as a signal to the other, the other saw Entei flame and rushed to his location.

The Sorcerer: Good let them come it will soon be time… For your death!!

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PostSubject: Re: Red Jewel 2: Reborn The End   Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:52 am

Chapter 3: Enter Red Jewel

The Light: That’s Entei’s fire. Damn he found him gotta hurry!!

Back to the mountain.

The Sorcerer: This is a nice place isn’t Entei, it is also good place for your gave… don’t you think.

Entei: I’m not going to die here you traitor.

The Sorcerer: Oh that hurts coming from a friend.

Entei: You lost our friendship when you killed those people. RRRAAAA Flame Lance!!!

Flame shots at The Sorcerer but he dodges it and stands next to Entei whispering.

The Sorcerer: I know all you attacks and that spear of fire won’t work on me.

Entei: I know.

The Sorcerer: Damn!! You trapped me in you fire mud, when!?

Entei: When I shot my Flame Lance I knew you would dodge it so at the same time I make my fire mud.

The Sorcerer: Smart looks like you’ve gotten stronger.

Entei: That right! Now sink and BURN, RRAAAA Fire Mud Sink.

The Sorcerer: HAAHAAA!! Fool.

The Sorcerer breaks free from Entei surprise attack by melting away from it.

Entei: That’s impossible!!?

The Sorcerer: The Dark Book gave me lots of power. Now Dark Abuse

Entei find him self in a dark world where he can’t even see his hand. He hears a voice.

The Sorcerer: Do you like my darkness?

Then Entei starts getting cut up.

Entei: AAAHHAAAHAA!!!! What happening I’m getting attack but I can’t see or feel where it coming from. AAAHHAAA!! Damn it!!

???: Entei!! Reach for my light.

Entei see a light and tries to grab it then a hand from the light grabs Entei and he is back in the real world.

Entei: What happened? The Light!, guys did you save me.

The Light: Yes, you were trapped in an illusion but the pain was real.

Thunder: Lets see if you can take us all on!!

The Sorcerer: Ok.

A dark shard covers the place around them.

The Sorcerer: Dark Cover.

Then a light shots away from the darkness.

The Light: Light Repeal! Your dark attacks won’t work on me I read the entire Light Book.

The Sorcerer: So you did.

The Light: Give up now.

The Sorcerer: Or what!

The Light: Or I’ll kill you.

The Sorcerer: !?… Kill me, your brother.

The Light: Light Burst.

A flash of light blinds The Sorcerer.

The Light: Light Rife.

A spinning light beam shots at The Sorcerer and goes right threw him.

Entei: You got him!

The Light: No!

Coming out of the ground The Sorcerer with no damage.

The Light: This power is cursed; I can’t believe you go this far. TELL ME BROTHER WHY!! WHAT YOUR REAL REASON!!!

The Sorcerer: Brother, the real reason is to take over everything and the surpass you, to not be your shadow! Everywhere we go I hear your name never mine. Why because… I AM THE DARK!!!

The Light: The name doesn’t mean anything it what we do that counts.

The Sorcerer: SHUT UP!!! What would you know!! I am… The Dark this is what I was meant to do… this is my fate and yours I must end everything!!!

The Light: No you don’t have too… you have a chouse… you can change your FATE!!!

The Sorcerer: Sorry brother but its too late the preparations are complete. The souls of a thousand demons and humans are now put together two create the Jewel of blood or you can call it… The Red Jewel.

The Light: I read about that. You can’t control that, it’s too much to handle.

The Sorcerer: I know, so I will fuse with it so me and the Jewel will become one. And The End will come.

The Light: What you would summon The End!!

The Sorcerer: The End’s power can surpass even this Jewel. The Saga’s before us sealed him away in the dark realm.

The Light: So there is no other way, guys stay back I’ll handle this.

Thunder: Are you sure.

The Light: Yes this is a battle between brothers.

The Sorcerer: Fine lets go… Brother.

They face each other standing still looking in each other eyes and also fighting in their mind in what they will do. Ready. Their power rises and rises even in every way. They vanish end up in the sky causing the clouds to move by their strikes. They move faster and faster. Until they land on the ground facing back to back not moving, at the same time they both cough out blood. They start again going even faster and faster blow after blow, punch after punch they are even in power.

Cloud: Wow what power.

Waves: We could never stand up agents him.

Rocks: All we can do is watch.

The Sorcerer: Die Light!! This will finish you!! Dark Abuse!!

The Dark shadow covers The Light.

Entei: He used that on me.

Thunder: What it like.

Entei: It’s dark and when you’re in there it feels like hours have passed and at the same time your getting cut up endlessly.

The Sorcerer: How do like my darkness brother… what!

A light shots out of the dark sphere around The Light. Then the darkness shatters with The Light unharmed.

The Light: That attack won’t work on my or did you forget that I read The Light Book.

That you burned. So I can stop you!

Chapter 4 Stop the Summon

The battle is long and hard for both brothers, the others watch because they don’t have the power to even step in. Entei watches the battle and sees something in both of them.

Entei: Look guys their crying.

Thunder: What!

Could: He’s right look.

Tears flows throw the eyes of the bother sad at the fact they must fight to the death to end or save the world. The Light uses his attack to slow down The Sorcerer but he can easily deflect them.

The Sorcerer: Brother like there is Light to cast out the dark there is dark that can cast out The Light. We are even.

The Light and The Sorcerer continue their battle. The power cast aside each other power turns the sky red and the trees black the sea gray.

The Light: [This fight is changing everything I have to end this now] Sorry bother I have to end this now.

Waves: He’s going to use it!

Rocks: Use what!

Waves: Endless Light.

Thunder: Wait, the last he tried using that he didn’t have enough power and he almost died.

The Light: I’m sorry bother but this will end your plays……. Endless Light!!!!!

The light surrounds The Sorcerer.

The Sorcerer: Damn I can’t see… DAMN YOU!!! Graahhaa!!!

The light fades and what comes of it is The Sorcerer cut through with giant swords that that shines bright. But The Light has one sword run thought him as well but why.

Rocks: Thunder what happened The Light…..

Thunder: There’s a reason why the last time he used he almost died…… To use that attack the user needs to use his blood. That what make the swords!

Breathing hard The Light speaks.

The Light: There is this what you wanted.

With a smile

The Sorcerer: Yes!!

Everyone is shock

The Sorcerer: This is the only to finish the spell my enemy needs to take my blood.

The Sorcerer flies back down what to where the book is.

The Light unable to move with the sword still in him. The Sorcerer reaches the book and screams.


The sky covered in dark clouds with lighting striking everything about them then starts to rain but the rain color is the color of blood. Shining at where The Sorcerer is the red jewel starts to take shape brining all the blood colored rain to it. Then in a flash or red light the jewel is born.

The Sorcerer: Now jewel let us become one

Thunder: Entei do u have enough power

Entei: Yes!

Thunder: Good. Let’s go guys!! Alright guys u know what to do!

All: Right!!

They surround the red jewel.

All: Sealing

The Sorcerer: NO don’t you dare!!!

The Light stand next to The Sorcerer takes out the sword in him.

The Light: It’s done.

Stabs The Sorcerer throw.


The Jewel breaks free from the seal and becomes one with The Sorcerer.


The Sorcerer body changes into a giant human shape red body in the color of blood

The Light: It can’t be The End!

The End: Yes I am free at last!! This world is mine!!

The Light: Guys remember what I say “Remember to do our duty to protect the Earth don’t fail me” guys give me your power.

All: OK!!

They gave him all the power they had but what they didn’t know is that he was losing blood fast. The Light rushes to The End

The Light: RRAARAAAA I won’t let u have this world!!!!

The Light punches the head of the red beast and grabs the jewel then he rips it out. With that the red body starts to fade and The Sorcerer body comes out of it. With jewel in hand The Light speaks.

The Light: Goodbye my dear bother I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. And to you all I’m sorry goodbye.

The Light falls to the ground like his bother dead. The other rush to his body.

Thunder: NO! Why! WHY!!!! DAMN IT!!!

???: No need to be sad.

In a shock they see the jewel flying and speaking.

Thunder: I see now the red jewel is The End

The End: Yes your right, and don’t worry about The Light he will make a good new body.

The End burns itself in the skull of The Light.

The End: Ooh yes that feels so much better, now let’s test this body out what do you say.

All: Damn You!!

They all rush The End and in a flash they are all struck down.

The End: GHAHAHAAA!!! You shouldn’t have given all your power to this fool.

In the voice of The Light.

The Light: That’s enough.

The Spirit of The Light comes and takes the jewel out of his body like it was nothing.

The Light: “I will try my best to hold the Jewel back but one day it will return to Earth be ready for it”.

The Light flies in to space.

Entei: Light!!! Goodbye.

Thunder: I think it would be best if we go our separate ways from here on.

The others agree.

Entei: Wait are you sure.

Thunder: This is for the best get stronger everyone for that day.

The others fly off while Entei stays with the bodies.

Entei: I will do my best you can trust me.

It begins to rain while Entei digs gave for The Light and The Dark.

Entei: Goodbye Kratos, Zelos one day I’ll see u again.
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PostSubject: Re: Red Jewel 2: Reborn The End   Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:55 am

Chapter 5 Nightmare

The sky is blue with white clouds the sun shines bright in the clear sky, the water is shining blue clear and clean the grass and trees blow in the soft and warm, cool wind.

Lyner: This place is so warm and familiar.

All of Lyner’s friends are there swimming in the water with smiles on their faces they all yell for Lyner to join them.

Lyner: Alright! I’m coming! (Ever since that day I fought Metro and Shadow everything has been so peaceful, so glad it all over)

In a flash the sun turns red.

Lyner: What’s going on?

Lyner look to where his friends were and he saw that the water was covered in blood with fear on his face with a scream.



Lyner look to where the laughter was coming from and saw the shock of a life time.

Lyner: It can’t be. NO! It can’t be! Metro and Shadow!! You’re dead!

Metro: We came back to finish the job.

The sky turns black, thunder and lightning hit everything the trees and grass die while the water turns dark red. In anger Lyner transforms into his demon power.

Shadow: Oh I see u still have your power but this is as far as you can go.

Lyner: I will kill you again.

Metro: Just try.

The battle begins, Shadow waits and watches Metro fight Lyner.

Metro: What’s the matter is that all u got.

Lyner: I’ll show you.

The battle is fierce the clouds move every time they strike blows. Lyner grabs Metro’s tail and throws him to the ground flies up on top of him and screams before Metro can get up.

Lyner: Final Explosion!!!

Nothing is left of Metro.

Lyner: Now it your turn Shadow!

Shadow: I see that you have gotten stronger.

Lyner: I’ve been training.

Shadow: I see well try me on.

They fly at each other taking hit after hit but Shadow is stronger and over powers Lyner grabbing him by the neck and throwing him to the ground while still holding on.

Shadow: Now it your turn to die. HHHHAAAHAAHAA!!!!

Lyner: Damn it!!

A fire ball hits Shadow pushing him off Lyner. It’s Entei.

Entei: Get up its not done just yet.

Lyner: Right, damn I’m I glad to see you.

Entei: Be glad once Shadow is dead.

With anger

Shadow: I’LL KILL YOU!!!

Shadow rushes towards them

Entei: I got this, Burning Mud!!

Shadow fall for it and sinks.

Entei: Now Lyner!!

Lyner rushes to Shadow.

Lyner: This is the end, Final Explosion!!!!

Lyner takes out shadow upper part of his body while Entei takes out the lower part so Shadow can’t heal. Now Shadow is dead.

Lyner: Thanks Entei I glad to see you.

Entei: Yeah sorry I was too late.


Lyner: What!? Where’s the coming from

Entei: Look up!!

Lyner looks up and sees a dark face in the sky this dark figure covers the sky itself.

Dark Face: Do you think it is over you will always carry those demons inside of you forever inside you the Red Jewel lives. HAHAHAAAA!!!

Lyner: What are you talking about?

Entei: GGRAA!!

Lyner looks at Entei and see Metro arm throw him.

Lyner: No! NNNOOOO!!!

Shadow: Did you think we would die so easy.

Metro and Shadow aim at Lyner and fires an energy blast.

Lyner: NNNOOO!!!

In a quick move Lyner falls off his bed. Breathing hard Lyner says

Lyner: it, it was just a dream a nightmare. But what was that dark face what was that dream all about anyway.

Looks at the time.

Lyner: oh damn I’m going to be late.

Lyner gets changed and runs out side.

Lyner: ok I can make it if I fly. Here we go… oh wait damn I can’t fly here too many people. I’ll just have to run then.

In a flash Lyner runs until he runs faster than a car.

Lyner: Woops too fast better stop here.

He runs to an ally.

Lyner: Good no one saw me.

Mugger: Hey kid you have the time.

Lyner: Sure oh damn, I forgot my watch.

Mugger: That’s ok why don’t you just give me your money.

The mugger takes out a gun.

Lyner: Great listen I don’t have time for this so I’ll give you one chance just walk away.

Mugger: What? Ok kid just give me you’re……

Lyner takes the mugger’s gun and rips it in half. The mugger falls back and runs away.

Lyner: Oh man that guy going to make me late.

An explosion starts near a bank, the bank is being robed.

Lyner: Come on why today.

In a flash Lyner knocks out the robbers and gets away before anyone can see him.

Lyner: Ok I’m flying now.

Lyner flies up in the air in great speed.

Lyner: I’ll be there in no time flat.

Lyner make it and flies over a lake.

Lyner: Cool I made.

Down there Lyner see an old friend.

Lyner: Hey Sue. It’s been awhile.

Sue: it’s been a year.

Chapter 6 One Year

It has been one year since Chaos was defeated in that year the world has rested and recovered in damage, life moves on, the people still don’t know who their hero is but still they live on. Lyner, Sue, Roy, Marth, and Presea went on their own paths to find a way to control their new found power and also to get stronger. A long year for most even for those who lost a loved one, now two friends reunite.

Lyner: Yeah a year is about right.

Sue: So what have you been up too.

Lyner: Well work to start with, when I’m not working in training.

Sue: Why? There hasn’t been any trouble in the past year I really don’t think anyone as strong as those guys will come by.

Lyner: Well you’re right but still it doesn’t hurt to be ready.

Sue: I guess so.

Lyner: What about you? What have you been doing all this time?

Sue: Well it would be better if I show you.

Lyner: ?


All of the water in the lake moves up in the air.

Lyner: Wow I can’t believe you can do this!

Sue put all the water back in the lake.

Sue: See what I mean.

Lyner: Yeah I still can’t believe how strong you got over the year.

Sue: Thanks.

Lyner: Hmm it wasn’t physic power that I saw what was that?

Sue: I don’t really know what but it feels like air.

Lyner: Air?

Lyner: Well I guess it don’t matter now.

Sue: Yeah I guess not.

Lyner: How long do you plan on staying there get out we know you’re here.

???: Hmm well I thought I hide myself good too

Lyner: W...What are you?

A strange creature comes out with claws and fins wet all over.

Creature: I was sent to kill you.

Lyner: Sent?

The creature runs to Lyner.

Lyner: Well this gives me a chance to try out some new moves.

Creature: Multiple!

The same creature becomes 10 more.

Lyner: Oh damn.

One of the Creatures grabs Lyner and blows up.


Lyner: RRRAAA!!!

Sue: Lyner!!

A creature gets behind Sue.

Creature: RRRAAA!!!!

Then the Creature is cut in half.

Sue: What? It’s you!

???: It’s been a long time Sue, Lyner you haven’t changed.

Lyner: Marth? Huh! I was just lowered my guard for a minute.

Marth: Right! That’s how he got behind you.

Lyner: No he just got lucky.

Marth: No time for this lets take care of these guys.

Creature: B… but we were told.

Marth rushes one and with his arm slices the creature in half then he blast him with an energy attack. Lyner flashes behind one creature and blast him with a huge blast.

Marth: Only a few more now.

Sue blast one behind Marth.

Sue: Don’t let your guard down remember.

Marth: Right. I didn’t know you stronger too.

Sue: What else did you think I was doing?

Marth: ….

Sue: Just go fight.

With the three fighting together they bring down the number of the creatures down to just one.

Creature: Wait!

Marth: …?

Lyner: What.

Creature: Look hear me out.

Sue: Hurry up and say what you want to say.

Creature: Ok listen I was sent here to test your power Lyner, as you can tell I’m not very strong. They sent me here to die.

Lyner: Who are they?

Creature: Very well if I tell you will you let me leave.

Lyner: Yes we’ll let you live.

Creature: Ok they are…..RRAAAAAHHHAHA!!!

A lighting strike hits the Creature burning it to dust.

Sue: What was that!?

Thunder: Hello my name is Thunder of the Clouds but you can call me Thunder.

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Chapter 7 Thunder

Thunder: well look what we have here the famous Lyner the hero who saved the world from Chaos.

Lyner: You said your name was Thunder.

Thunder: That’s right.

Lyner: I see. So this means you’re one of the sagas Entai told me about, I always wanted to meet you.

Thunder: Well I wanted to meet you too.

Lyner: ..... Why?

Thunder: ?

Lyner: Why didn't you help me and Entai with the fight with Chaos?

Thunder: Nope I’m not telling.

Lyner: What.

Thunder: Mmahahahaaa!! This will be fun.

Thunder races at Lnyer shots a thunderbolt at him Lyner sides step out of the way.

Thunder: What’s wrong you had more power than this when you fought Chaos?

Sue: Marth we have to help.

Before sue makes a step to help Lyner, Marth knocks here down.

Sue: Marth what the hell is wrong with you.

Marth: Lyner needs to do this on his own.

Sue: Marth what are you talking about you know he can't unlock that power he had in the real world.

Marth: Yes I know.

Sue: ...

Lyner dodging all of Thunder attacks.

Lyner: Damn I didn't think he would be this fast and strong if I get hit I’m done for.

Thunder: You don't think I don't know you can't use your power in this world because I do.

Lyner: how does he know that the only people that know are my friends.

Thunder: So you won't interfere with my plans I’ll kill you now.

Thunder Stops puts in arms in the air electricity covers his body with a laugh.

Thunder: Know I will kill you. Fallen Thunder!!!

Thunder in a circle surrounds Lyner, Lyner then tries to fly out and away from the Thunder but the Thunder covers above Lyner.

Lyner: this can't be it like it’s alive.

Thunder: what’s wrong you didn't think I can control thunder like that I have live for 1000 years I can do anything.

Lyner: Oh crap rrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Thunder: Fallen thunder strike.


Thunder: Die!!

The Thunder hits blowing everything around with the hard winds.

Sue: Lyner!! No.

Marth: He’s fine.

Sue: What.

The smoke passes.

Lyner: Is that all you got.

Lyner eyes are demon red his fangs return Lyner demon form is back.

Thunder: I see you hasn’t lost all your power.

Lyner: Just tell me why.

Thunder: Why what.

Lyner: Why are you attacking me like this you a saga your suppose to protect the people on the planet.

Thunder: What well I can tell you.

A wait.

Thunder: it’s fun.

Lyner: What? Fun.

Thunder: Yup. What do I need something else.

Lyner: You bastered.

Thunder: But enough about me I see you can still change into your demon form

Lyner: What? What are you talking about?

Thunder: What you can't feel the change hmm did you think the demon form was gone for good.

Lyner: I thought if I killed dragoon then the power would go too.

Thunder: now who told you that lie and why would you think if dragoon was gone that power would be gone too.

Lyner: No one I always know dragoon was a part of me but I know it would be gone one day.

Thunder: Nope it will always be a part of you forever. That dark power of yours.

Lyner: I guess you’re right oh well right now I’m starting not to care let’s go.

Thunder: so not all of dragoon is gone as well or is that shadow.


Lyner throws a fist at thunder misses and hits the ground make a small earthquake Lnyer turns to see thunder that with is other had fires a energy ball at his face, it hits then Lyner rashes at thunder grabbing his face then throwing it in the ground after he jumps up and fires multiple energy blasts at him while he is in the ground.

Lyner: Did you like that.

Thunder: Yes not bad but not enough.

Lyner looks behind him thunder smacks Lyner hard making him fall fast and hit the ground.

Lyner: Oh man that hurt fine you want to play (wait I can move).

Lyner falls to his knees.

Lyner: why can't I move?

Thunder: I sorry I guess I didn't hold back in that attack my bad.

Lyner: Hold back wait I can feel it now I see your true power.

Marth: Sue do you feel that.

Sue: Oh my god its... it’s so much power I haven’t felt this since Lyner was in super mode.

Marth: I know.

Thunder: Now Lyner you know now you had no chance agents me.

Lyner: Then why play this game.

Thunder: Like I said before its fun MMAAhAHAAhAhaaa.

Thunder raises his hand and that an eclectic ball comes out.

Thunder: Now die.

Sue: Marth do you feel that its.

Marth: Entai

Entai: I don't think so thunder.

Thunder: Aha good I was waiting for you.

Chapter 8 What Would You Do?

Entai: What are you doing Thunder this isn't what we are meant to do.

Thunder: Oh Entai what would you do.

Entai: What are you talking about?

Thunder: Entai you left and went around the world helping people the other saga and I stayed to watch the whole world at once how do you think we felt when all we saw was death and destruction.

Entai: I had no idea you felt that way.

Thunder: We felt the world die from the inside we were hoping Chaos would end this worthless human race I say we let them kill each other off.

Entai: what how could you say something like that.

Thunder: don't look at me like that I am not alone the other saga agree with me, now we have the power to end this worthless race out of this earth, we will make it clean again.

Sue: You sound like shadow

Marth: .....

Lyner: I'll stop you. GRRAAa.

Lyner falls to the ground.

Entai: I don't get it the last time we meet you did have this much power.

Thunder: No... No I can't tell you everything now.

Entai: Sue go help Lyner.

Sue: right.

Entai: Marth I may need your help I can see your gotten just as strong as Lyner good for you.

Marth: So you could tell.

Entai: with your help I think we can take him.

Thunder: Please don't mock me. RRRRRRRAAAAAAA!!

Entai: Woo that is some power you got but don't think I didn't train too. RRRRRRRRAAAAAAA!!

Thunder: Hmm impressive you’re stronger then Lyner was when he fought Metro.

Entai: During that time of piece I had no reason to train when the something like dragoon was born now I train just in case something like that happens again.

Thunder: Good for you Entai take charge of you future or what little you have now.

Entai: What do you mean?

Thunder: Come with me and I’ll let everyone one here live or you can fight me and watch them die.

Entai: Huh!

Thunder: What!

Entai: I knew you for a long time I know when you’re lying.

Thunder: Ok the hard way.

Entai: Marth get ready.

Thunder: Hahaha here I came.

Thunder starts to move to Entai and Marth but then stops and stands for awhile.

Thunder: Do you need me now…. Very well I’m heading back now. Well looks like you both got lucky I’ll see you later.

In a flash Thunder disappears.

Marth: It looks like he got a call.

Entai: So it seems.

Entai and Marth go to check on Lyner and Sue.

Lyner: Entai what was that he was so strong.

Entai: I don’t know how he got this power.

Sue: Lyner stay still you can’t move yet.

Lyner: I’m fine now don’t worry about me.

Marth: What’s going on? What’s Thunder think what is he planning?

Entai: I don’t know there is a place where I can find out. I want you to go and find a safe place to rest this isn’t over yet.

Entai then flies off to find out what Thunder plans are.

Marth: Alright can you fly.

Lyner: No problem.

The three fly off.

Lyner: Where should we go?

Marth: We can’t go the city if we go there we might put it in danger.

Sue: Wait I know. Why don’t we go to Entai’s place!

Marth: Good idea what do you think Lyner? Lyner?

Lyner starts to fall behind and lower himself. The other two grab him before he falls.

Marth: You can’t fly can you, you took too much damage.

Lyner: I’m fine.

Marth: No you’re not I’m taking you the rest of the way Sue lets go.

They both increase their speed to get to Entai’s place faster so Lyner can heal up. They final get to Entai’s place and put him on the bed.

Lyner: Damn it.

Sue: What!

Lyner: I… I had no chance agents him at all. I lost so fast I can’t believe it after everything we been though and I can’t even stand up to him.

Lyner raises his arm and hits the bed.

Lyner: Why am I so weak!?

Marth: Shut up!!

Sue: Marth?

Marth grabs Lyner by his shirt and raises him up a little.

Marth: You are strong don’t you ever call yourself weak I didn’t train all this time so I can hear that from you, YOU GOT THAT!! If someone stronger comes then all you have to do is get even stronger.

Sue: Marth.

Marth lets go of Lyner and starts to walk out.

Marth: I’m going to find the others I’ll bring them here.

Sue: Ok, Good luck Marth.

Lyner: Marth!

Marth stops and turns his head back a little while keeping his back to Lyner.

Lyner: You’re right I’m sorry.

Marth: You idiot you don’t have to say sorry just do it.

Marth leaves off to find Roy and Presea, what is going on with them and what is happing to them at this time? While Marth is flying he thinks.

Marth: If Thunder went after Lyner then he must have sent someone after Roy and Presea too but would he do that and why? Does he really fear us? Well it’s no matter now I just hope their alright.

Marth flies faster.

Where Roy and Presea are in the part of the city of New York.

Roy: What the hell is that thing?

Presea: It doesn’t matter now get those people out of here I’ll hold him off.

Creature: Oh, a little girl, do you think you can hold me off? What a laugh!

Roy looks at Presea and then the Creature.

Roy: Dude you said the wrong thing.

Creature: ?

Presea: Don’t! Don’t call me a little girl!!!!

Creature: !!!

Presea: You see where in the park and what is in a park.

The ground starts shacking.

Presea: Water! I won’t let you hurt the people here.

Water spikes out of the ground and hits the throw.

Creature: I don’t believe it killed by someone like you. RRRRRRRRRAAAAAA

The Creature is then struck by Thunder and burns to ash.

Roy: What the hell did you do that?

Presea: No I thought you did?
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Chapter 9 Temples

Marth is over the two he heads down.

Roy: Marth long time no see, and was that you that did that?

Marth: No it must have been Thunder.

Presea: Thunder?

Marth: Listen you have to come with me I’ll explain on the way.

Presea: Right but we need to check on the people first.

Roy: Don’t worry I got them out of here before you used your powers.

Marth: Good so no one saw you then let’s go.

The three fly off to Entai’s place and while going there Marth explains what’s happening

Marth: So that’s it.

Roy: Wow I can’t believe Lyner got beat that bad.

Presea: Great so Marth what do we do know?

Marth: Its simple we all train.

They all get back and see that Lyner is not in bed. Then they hear sounds down stairs in the training ground. They move to the training ground and see Lyner training.

Lyner: RRRRAAARA!!!! Final Explosion!!!

The whole place shacks.

Marth then jumps in.

Lyner: Marth looks like you found them so what happened.

Marth tells Lyner what happened.

Roy: Wow I didn’t think we be back here again

Presea: Yeah the last time we were here all hell broke loss.

Lyner walks to Presea and Roy.

Lyner: So it’s been a long time.

Roy: Yeah it’s been some time but it’s still good to see you.

Lyner: It’s good to see you both too I’m glad you’re both safe.

Presea: Yeah well this talk is over we have work to do.

Lyner: Right Sue is training too.

Roy: Sue!?

The ground shacks and the wind blows hard.

Sue: Woo!

Presea: Sue I see you’ve gotten stronger too.

Sue: Hey. Don’t worry Marth updated me with all the info.

Lyner: Well lets all get started then.

Then they all start their training in order to surpass Thunder. They train for hours then days then weeks and soon a mouth had pasted.

Roy: Don’t you find it wired.

Presea, Sue, and Roy stop what they’re doing to listen it’s been a mouth and no word from Entai. You don’t think they got him right?

Roy: Its Entai I’m sure he’s fine.

Sue: But it’s been a long time.

A load boom and the ground shacking makes the other stop talking see what going on. Its Lyner and Marth fighting or training.



Their fists hit each other causing a shockwave there power about even with each other.

Roy: What kind of training did Marth go though to get even with Lyner?

Presea: Are they trying to kill each other or train!?

They block and hit each other back and forth moving so fast making shockwaves disappearing and reappearing when trying to hit each other then they both stop Lyner moves up on a cliff and Marth moves on a cliff in front of Lyner’s cliff.


Roy: What he’s not using that!!!?

Marth still stands there while the blast is coming at him he makes a stance and grabs the beam.

Marth: RRRRAAAA!!!!

The beam pushing him back almost off the cliff then unexpectedly Marth throws the beam over his head and making the beam hit the ground far far behind him.

Lyner: ?

Marth and Lyner fly down and walk in front of each other staring each other down while beginning out of breath but both trying not to show it.

Lyner: ….

Marth: ….

Lyner: Not bad you have improved so much over the year.

Marth: Thanks it looks like you got stronger too I thought you would have gone lazy.

Lyner: HAHA!! What do you think I am lazy?

Marth: Yes!

Lyner: gezzs thanks a lot.

Then they both stop and fall to the ground.

Sue: Oh no they used up too much power.

A few hours pass and Marth and Lyner wake up on beds.

Lyner: Guess we over did it.

They both look at each other and laugh.

Sue: You two shut up what were you thinking using all that power were you trying to kill each other!!

Lyner: Sorry

Presea: well here she goes again let’s go Roy.

Roy: Yeah I don’t want to be here too.

When they both walk outside the see someone flying to them and they run inside.

Roy: Guys someone is coming!!

Everyone heads outside. They wait to see who is coming and its.

Lyner: Entai!

Entai: Hey guys.

Lyner: Did you find out anything.

Entail: No… Go home this is not your fight this is mine.

Marth: ….

Lyner: What you’re not doing this alone you’ll need our help.

Entai: I don’t want to involve you anymore.

Marth: You may not want to involve us but they went after us and they’re going to do it again. So you have no chose we’re going to help you whether you like it or not.

Entai: Very well. I guess I have no chose at all do I? Oh well. Let’s go!

They all fly off to the closest city to see if anything has happened. Latter in a scientist studying a dormant volcano find something.

Scientist 1: Well it all looks normal now

Scientist 2: I agree lets go that’s if for today.

Then the ground starts shacking and the volcano gets hotter and hotter.

Scientist 2: Oh no hurry call the police tell them it’s about to erupted.

Scientist 1: Wait it’s not erupting the readings say it’s something different.

Scientist 2: But that’s impossible.

They both clime up to see what is happening and they see a temple raise form the volcano.

Scientist 1: Look its getting cooler now we can move to it now.

Scientist 2: That’s impossible a temple inside a volcano. Hurry call anyone of the news get them here right away were going to be famous.

At the same time over the skies of Las Vegas.

People: Oh my god what’s that in the sky!!!

A temple floating in the sky while planes avoid the temple they can’t help but see it and wonder how is this possible.

In another part of the world a earthquake shacks everything but not a normal earthquake in Peru a temple raises from the ground. The people look on and shock.

In Niagara Falls a temple raises in the waterfall.

In the middle of a thunder storm a huge blot of lighting bigger than anything you have ever seen in the lighting comes out a temple. While the others look for clues on any news that might lead them to Thunder and whoever he is working with.

Sue: Hey guys look at the TV.

They look and Entai is forced to step back.

Entai: No it can’t be why would he do this.

Presea: Why what… what are you talking about do you what that place is?

Entai: Yes it’s the Fire Temple.

Sue: Look there are more places on the news.

Entai: NO! The Water Temple, Earth Temple, Wind Temple, and Thunder Temple!!!

Marth: So what his Thunder planning?

Entai: I don’t know what yet but I know whatever he is doing he’ll be trying to go to Light and Dark Temple.

Roy: Light and Dark Temple?

Entai: Yes each saga has their own Temple. So we’ll be going to mine.

Then they all fly off to the Fire Temple inside a volcano.

When they get there something changes.

Marth: Ok were here.

Entai: Yes now when we’re inside stay close to me I know my way around the temple.

Lyner: Wait so where are we going?

Entai: We’re going to the Light and Dark temple and the only way to get there is to go to one of the element temples.

Thunder: I’m afraid not.

Entai: Thunder!!!

Thunder: Well you did a good job like I know you would do.

Marth walks next to Thunder.

Marth: Yes they fell for like you said they would.

Everyone in shock

Lyner: What!!

Chapter 10 Betrayal

Sue: What? What are you talking about?

Entai: I see now. This is how you got so strong Thunder you trained Marth.

Lyner: No I don’t believe you!!

Thunder: HAHAHAA!! Well it’s just as you thought it would happen no lets go we don’t need to waste anymore time here.

Marth: Right.

Lyner: Wait!!!!!!

They vanish in thin air where did they go?

Entai: Lyner control yourself let’s go.

Lyner: How are you so clam Marth just left with Thunder!

Entai: There’s no time whatever they are planning we have to stop it.

Presea: Entai is right we have to do this first.

Lyner: Fine! I know we’ll see him again.

They all move in the temple door.

Entai: Alright stand back.

Entai fires a fire attack at the door and the door begins to open.

Entai: Let’s hurry!!

They all run as fast as they can the inside of the temple is just as big as the outside they move along the secret short cuts to get to the room to the Light and Dark Temple. They finial make it to the last door.

Roy: Alright were here at last.

Lyner: Let’s go.

Lyner walks forward.

Lyner: Entai open the door.

Entai: Right!

Entai does the same thing he does to this door as the door to get in. The door opens.

Entai: NO!! This isn’t the place.

The room has a stair case on the side of the wall leading to another door and in the middle there is nothing but lava.

Sue: What? How could this happen?

Entai: No it’s Thunder he changed it somehow.

The room begins to shack and the lava begins to move and then a giant lava monster rises from the fire.

Roy: What the hell.

Entai: This is Thunder work.

Entai fires a blast at the door and the door opens.

Entai: Everyone head for the door I’ll handle this.

Lyner: You sure?

Entai: This won’t take too long now hurry.

Lyner: Alright but you better be behind us you got it.

Entai: Don’t worry.

They all head for the door the monster sees them and starts to move their way.

Entai: Hey!!! You have to worry about me not them!!!

The monsters looks and Entai and they begin. The others went through the door and when they did the door begins to close.

Sue: NO!! Entai!!

Presea: Don’t worry he can just open the door again. Now where are we?

The monster attack Entai.

Entai: You have no idea who I am do you. I’m Entai of the flame!!!

The monster tries to punch Entai but the monster is too slow and Entai easily moves away from it.

Entai: Time to end this there waiting for me.

Entai begins to inhale, Entai is sucking up all the heat from the lave. The monster tries to stop Entai but is too late. The lava monster turns cold and now is rock.

Entai: Ok now to get to the others.

Thunder: I don’t think so.

Entai: Thunder!!! GRRAA!

Thunder knocks out Entai and picks him up.

Thunder: Don’t die now I need you.

Back to the others, they come to a place filled with water and small ponds.

Presea: Do you hear that?

Lyner: What hear what?

Presea: Nothing, never mind.

They begin to walk and see another door.

Presea: Wait this is wrong get down.

They all duck and a wave of water misses them.

???: Too bad I missed. Looks like you have to die the hard way.

Lyner: Who are you?

Waves: You can call me Waves of the Ocean or just Waves I am the saga of Water.

Presea: Where in the Water Temple.

Wave: ? Yes your right! Oh and to be nice I’ll open the door for you and you have to fight someone else if you can get pasted me.

Lyner: Alright let’s go.

Presea: No!!!

Everyone looks at Presea in shock.

Presea: Everyone leave I’ll fight him on my own.

Roy: What he’s a Saga you can’t fight him alone.

Presea: Just trust me I can do this.

Roy:….. Right lets go guys.

Lyner: Roy what?

Roy: Just do it, Good luck Presea.

They all run to the door but Waves pays no mind at them and just looks at Presea.

Waves: They’ll just die in the next room at least this time I won’t have to work so hard. Well girl let’s begin!!!!


The others pass through the door. The place is made of rocks and stones everywhere.

Roy: Do you guys hear that?

Sue: What did you say?

Roy: Oh it’s nothing. Look another door this isn’t the place too this must be the Earth Temple.

???: Very true boy.

Roy: So you must be another Saga?

Rocks: Yes you can call me Rocks of the Earth or Rocks the Saga of Earth. I see there are only 3 of you I thought there were 4 it looks like Waves took one out at least.

Roy: No Waves is fighting Presea now and open the door for my friend and I’ll stay and fight you one on one.

Rock: !!!

Lyner: What no I can’t just leave you here!!

Roy: You have to. Go and save Marth and the world again you’re the only one that can fight Thunder I know you have the power. NOW GOOO!!!!

Lyner: Roy!!

Rocks: Oh how sweet just for that I will open the door.

The door opens Lyner looks at Roy.

Lyner: Sue lets go.

Sue: Yeah good luck Roy.

Roy: Haha I’ll need it.

They move past the door, Lyner and Sue left Roy.

Rocks: Well kid you think you can win I’ll just have to teach you a lesson.

Roy: Well let’s go then.

They both Charge at each other. In the mean time Lyner and Sue find themselves in a new place filled with fans and painting of clouds.

Sue: What was that noise?

Lyner: What noise?

Sue: I guess it was nothing then.

Lyner: Let’s move I see another door.

Sue: Right and I see another Saga. I see that all of you are in on this.

Cloud: Cloud of the Sky is my name you can just call me Cloud of the Wind of course. I have opened the door if you can get passed me then good luck HAHAHA!!

Sue: Yes one of us will go and that is you Lyner!

Lyner: What? No I will not leave you too.

Sue: You have no chose. Just go don’t make this harder for yourself, NOW!!! GOO!!

Lyner runs to the door and passes it there Sue and Cloud face each other.

Cloud: ladies first.


Lyner running through the door seeing a new world a white filled land nothing what a white floor and black sky and far ahead he sees the Temple.

Lyner: That much be the Light and Dark Temple. Please guys be here with me.

Lyner: runs to the temple knowing that he will face not only Thunder but Marth as well.

Lyner: Marth I will save you I won’t lose again!!!! I have lost too many people I will not lose for them I will fight with all my power no matter what!!!

The door opens at the Temple and Lyner enters seeing something shocking.

Lyner: No it can’t be.
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Chapter 11 Sagas

Presea is thrown to the wall. Wave stands over her and laughs.

Waves: Poor girl you should have never tried to fight me.

Presea: Shut up!

Waves: You should just go home and play with your dolls little girl.

Presea: I am not a little girl!!

Waves: Then show me what you got!!

Presea: What is that noise?

Waves: Noise? No it can’t be damn it sorry girl but I can’t play with you anymore time to die!!

Wave collects all the water in the room and surrounds Presea.

Waves: Water’s Grave!!!

The water is then closed in Presea making a bubble of water making it impossible for Presea to breath.

Waves: Sorry to do this but time to die.

Presea: (No I can’t die like this damn I can’t breathe damn it.)

Presea sees a light.

Presea: (What is that is that the end, No wait I hear something I can hear it now I understand.)

Waves began to walk away but then he turns around.

Waves: NO! This can’t be!!

Presea is free from the Wave’s attack.

Presea: I hear it now it’s the water its talking to me it says I can’t let you get away with this!

The water surrounds Presea as she controls it moving it everywhere. Waves tries to take back control of the water but it does not work.

Waves: What? There’s no way you can’t be stronger!!

Presea: Its time to finish this.

Presea shots parts of the water at Waves. Waves moves out of the way in the attacks.

Waves: Nice try. Where she go!?

Presea is then behind Waves, Waves looks back unable to move fast enough Waves is hit.

Presea: Water bullet!

The bullet goes right through Waves.

Waves: RRRAAAA!!

Presea: You can just give up.

Waves: HAHAH!! No let’s just move this fight.

The room changes and now there are in an island with water all around it.

Waves: This will be a good place.

Presea: Waterfall!!!

The ocean around the island rises up and up and moves to Waves and falls on Waves. The water passes and Waves lays on the ground damaged, Then waves turns to water and collects the water around him then returns back to normal when he does all the damaged is gone he healed.

Waves: Nice attack but I used the evil so I have a new power this is my special power we all have one.

Presea: it’s no matter to me soon you’ll be dead.

Waves turns back to water and moves to and surrounds Presea.

Waves: Try to break out of this now you die.

Presea: RRARAR!!!

Waves: DIE!!!

Presea: You don’t get it I can control water now.

Waves then flouts in the air.

Waves: What?

Presea then throws him deep in the ground. Waves jumps out of the ground in his normal form.

Presea: Are you done playing?


They fight fist to fist hitting and dodging each other.

Waves: Water Sword!!

Presea: Water Sword!!

They clash moving in all ways then they stab each other with the sword right through each other.

Waves: I don’t believe it even with my power. I can’t heal anymore it’s you isn’t it your stopping me from changing.

Presea: Yes I can control your power now.

Waves: Very good then I guess I’ll die along with you let me tell you my real name.

Presea: Real name.

Waves: My real name was Vash

Presea: Vash!

Waves: It’s been ages since I was called that goodbye my next Saga.

Waves falls to the ground then starts to evaporate and soon his body is gone.

Presea: Goodbye.

Then the place around them turns back to normal the door is open so Presea walks to the doors and then she falls.

Presea: Wait for me guys I’ll be there soon.

Presea passes out.

Roy: Is that all you got Rocks.

Rocks: Stupid kid Let me show you my special power but first let’s change the room.

The room changes into a place fill with sand and rocks.

Rocks: Now let me show you my special power.

Rocks body splits about his arms and legs and head flouting in the air.

Roy: Gross.

Rocks then puts swords made of rocks on his body parts and flies at Roy. Roy tries to move out of the way only dodging only a few the ones he didn’t dodge cut him.


Roy jumps yup and punches Rocks head then grabs it and throws it to the ground.


Rocks puts himself back together.

Rocks: Not bad kid, try this.

Rocks moves underground fast then moves up and punches Roy but Roy saw it coming and grabbed his arm and throw him on the ground on his back.

Roy: You don’t get it I can hear it now it’s the Earth it’s telling me you can’t get away with this.

Rocks: What? NO!! You can’t stop me!!

Roy punches Rocks and the punch throws him far back. Rocks coughs out blood then Rocks splits his body again and attacks Roy but this time Roy easily dodges them but a sneak attack from rocks upper body stabs through Roy. Rocks puts himself.

Rocks: How do you like that!?

Roy: GRRAA!!! Not bad how about this!!!!

Giant hammers come from the ground and moves closer and closer to Rocks fast.

Rocks: What? NO I can’t dodge it it’s so big it’s even underground, NO impossible!!!

Rocks is then crushed, then the hammers turn to dust and fade. Rocks then falls to the ground.

Rocks: Not bad kid HAHAA!!

Roy: Not bad yourself HAHAH!!!

Rocks: Roy is your name right.

Roy: Yup that’s me.

Rocks: Right let me tell you my name.

Roy: ?

Rocks: It’s Kaze.

Roy: Kaze huh.

Rocks: It’s been ages since I was called that goodbye new Saga of Earth.

Rocks turns to rocks then turns to dust and fades away.

Roy: Goodbye.

Roy gets up and starts to walk. The room is then back to normal.

Roy: I better get going Lyner is waiting for me.

Roy falls to his knees then tries to get back up.

Roy: Don’t give up just yet.

The door opens and Roy begins to walk to it.

Roy: Ok let’s go.

Roy falls to the ground.

Roy: You know what I think I’ll take a break first they won’t mind.

Roy then passes out.

Clouds: Look I don’t want to mess up this place lets go somewhere else.

Sue: Fine by me.

The room changes. The room is moved to the sky a island in the sky.

Clouds: This is better a lot more open.

Sue: Fine by me. You ready!

Clouds: Yes let’s begin.

Clouds uses air to blow Sue off the island but Sue flies up and uses the same air attack to push away Clouds.

Clouds: Not bad you can use wind too then.

Sue: I guess so.

Clouds: Well try this.

He uses the air in a concentrated burst to make them hurt Sue like small punches. Then he turns then to an even more concentrated burst to cut her.


Chapter 12 Elements


The wind used in Clouds attack is pushed away.

Clouds: What!! NO! It can’t be!!

Sue: Can you hear it.

Clouds: ?

Sue: The Wind is telling me that I can’t let you get away with this!!!

Clouds: I see. Well try to stop me!!

Using the same power as Clouds, Sue pushes him even stronger then Clouds attack.

Clouds: This can’t be I’m the Saga!!

Sue gets behind him as fast as the wind. Clouds moves away from Sue and puts his hand together then uses his power to push Sue away but Sue does not move.

Clouds: NO NO!!!!

Sue: You can’t win.

Clouds rushes to Sue the clash fists and kicks dodging and hitting each other. Clouds then moves back and puts his right arm up and using the wind to make a wind drill out of his arm.

Clouds: I’ll cut you through!!

Clouds rushes to Sue. Sue moves her arms like she was holding a bow.

Sue: One Hundred Arrows!!!

Sue fires all arrows with one shot. Clouds see it coming but can’t get away so while being hit he moves closer and closer then fires his drill at Sue when he is too close to avoid.

Clouds: HAHA!! Well I won’t die alone.

The room changes back to normal.

Now both of them stare at each other bleeding.

Clouds: I’ll tell you something!

Sue: ?

Clouds: My real name is!

Sue: Real name?

Clouds: Cinder!

Sue: Cinder?

Clouds: It’s been a long time since I heard that name. Goodbye new Saga of Wind.

Clouds falls to the ground then fades in the wind. The door opens and Sue walks to it.

Sue: Lyner is waiting for me he’ll need my help.

Sue falls to the grounds and passes out before the door. Sue then finds herself in another place the world around her is dark and empty like it goes on forever.

Presea: Sue!!

Sue: Presea!!

Roy: Don’t forget about me!!

Presea: Roy!!

Sue: You’re both alright.

Roy: Well I remember walking to the door then falling to the ground and blacked out.

Presea: Me too I was cut up bad too what’s going on.

Sue: Same!

A load voice come from the darkness like a lot of people talking at the same time with the same words.

???: Yes we bring you here to talk.

Sue: Who are you?

A Fire comes out to the Ground. A small place with rain is comes from the sky. Rocks come from the ground up. A small tornado blows in the wind without blowing or sucking anything in. A blot of Lighting hits the ground but stays in place all of these stand in front of the three.

Fire: I am Fire

Water: I am Water.

Earth: I am Earth.

Wind: I am wind.

Lighting: I am Lighting.

They all speak as one.

All: We are the Elements.

Roy: Elements like the power the Saga’s uses.

Presea: Wait you the sound I heard

Roy: Yes me too I heard you too when I was fighting.

All: You all did we told you how to use us.

Sue: Why do you want to talk to us?

All: Yes we want you to destroy Lyner!!

All in Shock.

Sue: What?

All: Lyner will cause the destruction of the world. We have seen the future.

Fire: He will burn the world to nothing.

Water: He will wash away everything he burns.

Earth: He will throw dust over the sky.

Wind: He will cause all plants to die.

Lighting: He will then burn the world over again and again.

All: The Jewel Bearer must die!!

Sue: The Jewel Bearer?

Roy: What do you mean?

All: You do not know? Very well we shall tell you. When the Jewel returned to Earth, Lyner found it.

Presea: Yes we know what happened next.

All: What you did not know is that the Jewel knew its death was soon so it put its power in Lyner, as we speak a new Jewel is growing inside Lyner.

All: We the elements can speak to all living things but no matter how hard we try Lyner cannot hear us because of the Red Jewel.

Everyone in shock.

Sue: You mean Lyner is the Red Jewel.

All: Yes! The Red Jewel has both good and evil inside of it mostly the evil takes over.

Presea: Every time Lyner changed.

All: Yes all the forms of Lyner. Lyner’s Demon form and The True Darkness form. Sue you did not see The True Darkness but you Presea and Roy have seen it.

Presea: Yes there right.

Roy: You where dead at the time Sue it was so black so evil I never felt something like that before.

The others in shock on what they heard.

All: Then you all agree to destroy Lyner

Sue: NO!

Presea: NO we don’t agree.

Roy: We won’t destroy Lyner we’re going to save him.

Sue: That’s right we’ll save Lyner from this fate.

All: Do you really think you can.

Sue: Yes we do!

Presea: If you know about the dark powers then you know also know about the Light Powers.

All: The Super form and True Light.

Sue: You said the Jewel has both good and evil.

Roy: We’ll make sure the good wins.

All: Very well as of now Lyner must live. We do not agree with the Saga’s plan.

Presea: What is there plan?

All: There is no need to tell you.

Sue: What? Why not?

All: everything we have talked about you will not remember.

The room around them begins to flash.

All: You have made your chose to save Lyner if that is what you want then we will help you power and ours are now one.

Lighting: There is one of you this is missing once he makes his chose I will lead my power to him.

Fire: Entai has already made his chose to save Lyner my power is one with Entai.

Wind: Sue my power will be one with you.

Water: Presea my power will be one with you.

Earth: Roy my power will be one with you.

The elements move into the three and they all speak as one.

All: We will fight long with you until the day come for Lyner to make his chose.

Three: Yes I see it we are ready to fight let us return to help Lyner and save him.

They all return like waking up from a dream.

Sue: What happened?

Roy: What was that?

Presea: How should I know?

They all look at each other.

All: how you get here? Wait where are we?

The world around them is where Lyner was.

Sue: Look a temple.

Roy: Ok well we may not know how we got her but it doesn’t matter now let’s go.

They all start running to the temple. While inside the temple.

Thunder: He’s here.

Marth: I know.

Lyner: Thunder, Marth!

Thunder: Marth you deal with him I have to get Entai ready.

Entai hanging from cross.

Lyner: NO Entai!!!!!
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Chapter 13 Marth Thunder Power

Entai hanging from a cross in the wall on top of Thunder.

Lyner: Why… Why do you have Entai like that!!?

Thunder: Hmm! Well I guess I can tell you since you’ll here, I don’t need you Lyner.

Lyner: ?

Thunder: Our true plain is to bring back the Red Jewel!

Lyner: What!? You can’t!!

Thunder: In this we can.

Thunder picks up a book and raises it up in the air.

Thunder: This is the Dark Book and I will use it to bring back the Red Jewel.

Lyner: I won’t let you.

Before Lyner can make a move Marth moves in his way.

Lyner: Marth!!

Marth: Lyner.

Thunder: As I was saying I will bring back the Red Jewel by using the power of the Sagas. In this whole year we have given our power to the Dark Book all of us.

Lyner: Wait then you were missing one then.

Thunder: That’s right we the elements were missing one, Fire!

Thunder moves up to Entai picks his head up.

Thunder: I told you to join us now look what we had to do.

Entai: ….

Thunder: What’s wrong can’t talk oh that’s right we used all your power you can’t even move!

Marth: I’ll handle Lyner from here on you get ready.

Thunder: Very well I didn’t know you really wanted to fight him this bad oh well have fun!

Lyner: Marth why?

Marth: He was the one that trained me to be as strong as you. I was training on top of mountains there was a thunder storm.
Rain and lighting cover the sky where Marth was training.

Marth: Great maybe I should stop but!?

Marth stands his ground then a lighting strike was headed right at Marth but Marth was able to see it coming.

Marth: I can see it, it’s like it’s moving so slow I can easily move out of the way but what is this voice telling me to let it happen.
The lighting gets closer and closer then it gets close enough to hit Marth but Marth moves his hands and grabs the lighting in thin air. The lighting sending small electricity all around him.

Marth: I don’t believe it I caught it.

Marth then throws the lighting away.

Thunder: Not bad kid my name is Thunder.

Marth: Thunder?

Thunder: Oh don’t tell me Entai didn’t mention me. I’m one of the Sagas like Entai.

Marth: Entai did say something about you guys.
Thunder: Well at this point it doesn’t matter how about I train you what do you say.

Marth: Why do you want to train me?

Thunder: I saw what you did you have potential.
Fades back to the percent.

Marth: I found my chance to surpass you Thunder told me all his plans when he finally trusted me.

Lyner: Why do you even care about surpassing me?

Marth: Why? WHY!!?? RRRRRAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Lyner is pushed back.

Lyner: I don’t believe it where did he get all this power.

Marth: RRRRAAAA!!!!!!

Electricity surrounds Marth.

Marth: You and I have always been equal in everything we do and then and then you had to go and surpass mine in that way.

Lyner: What!

Marth: We have always been equal even in the past before we even knew each other.

Lyner: Is that so well. That’s now reason to go and turn of your friends!!!

Marth: I won’t let you hurt my master. You’ll have to get though me first.

Lyner: Fine let’s go.

Thunder: Hmm this place is too small for you fight.

The walls and ceiling moves far back like there nothing was outside.

Thunder: Let their fight fuel the power need to finally finish this.

They stare each other down then they circle each other.

Lyner: MARTH!!!

Marth: LYNER!!!

They run at each other and both their fists hit each other’s faces and they fly back and hit the ground. They jump back up and fight in the air blocking and hitting each other, then Marth jumps back.

Marth: Thunder Spear.

And what looks like a spear that is made of electricity.

Lyner: Well that’s a nice trick.

Marth: Thanks let me show you how it works.

Marth thrust the spear at Lyner but Lyner moves out of the way.

Marth: Thunder never goes in a straight line it explodes the air around it but I can control it.
The spear shots out electricity around Marth the shockwaves hit Lyner and he feels the electricity going all though his body.

Lyner: AAHHAHHA!!!

Spear disappears.

Lyner: Damn it Marth

Lyner with his yell makes a giant shockwave pushing Marth far back.

Lyner: I had enough Final Explosion!!!

Lyner fires the beam and it moves closer to Marth.

Marth: I’m a lot more powerful then you think. Thunder Barrier!!
Thunder covers Marth’s body the beam hits and an explosion. Lyner waits for the smoke to clear to see what happened to Marth. The smoke clears and Marth undamaged by the blast.

Marth: Is that all you got.

Lyner: Huh not even close.

Marth: Too bad this fight is already over.

Lyner: What do you mean?

Lyner then see Marth left foot is in the ground. What Lyner can’t see is Marth sending electricity under the ground to where Lyner is standing, the electricity then shots up and hits Lyner from behind. Lyner looking back only too late to move out of the way.

Lyner: AHAAHA!!

Lyner fell to the ground. Marth walks up to him and stands over him looking down on him.

Marth: Good bye Lyner.

Lyner: Nope.

Marth in shock Lyner jumps up and hits Marth in the face. Marth flies back Lyner then is on top of him while he is still flying back, Marth looking up to Lyner.

Lyner: New move. Bursting Flash.

Lyner disappears kicks Marth up in the air then he stops to look around but only see a white flash moving faster and faster.

Marth: GRAAA!!

Lyner: I’m not here to kill you Marth I’m here to save you!!!

Lyner punched him in the gut then moves away then kicks his back moves in front and uppercuts him then moves on top and puts his fist together and knocks Marth down making him hit the ground hard. Lyner looks down at Marth and see his body turn to electricity Lyner then looks at his right to see Marth floating there next to him.

Marth: A Thunder Clone did you like it and it’s not done yet.
The electricity from the thunder clone moves up to Lyner. He moves away from hit but can’t the energy keeps following him.

Marth: There’s no point once you touch my clone the energy form you is imprinted to my energy thus my energy becomes yours so it’s just returning to its master so you touched it last have fun.

Lyner: Damn that a hell of a trick.

Marth: Sorry Lyner but its over.

Marth moves in front of Lyner and grabs him by the throat.

Marth: Electric Fist!

Electricity shots of Marth fists and shocks Lyner whole body the energy following

Lyner hits him from the back. Lyner in a steam then blacks out.

Thunder: Good bring his body here.

Marth: Yes master.

Entai: Lyner no…
Thunder: Don’t worry Entai he will be used to bring back the Red Jewel. Now the final piece a body to hold the jewel.

Marth: Just one more thing master.
Thunder: What is it?

Marth: He’s not out cold yet.

Thunder: What?

Thunder turns around only to see two fits hit his face. It’s Marth and Lyner standing next to each other.

Lyner: Did you like our show I hoped you enjoyed it.

Marth: I let you train me but when you told me your plan I had to think of something to stop you. You believed that I was really going to let you bring back that evil thing like hell I wound.

Lyner: Marth told me the whole thing when we were training. We thought this was the best way to stop you.

Marth: The element of lighting told me to stop you Thunder!!
Thunder: What then that means…. No!! I won’t be stopped I can’t be.

Marth cuts down Entai.

Marth: You ok.

Entai: fine I can still walk.

Lyner: It’s over Thunder.


Lyner: Thunder stop!!

A big explosion the room glows red everything begins to go up in flames.

The End: The End has returned!! HAHAHAHA!!

Chapter 14 The Return


Thunder’s body begins to glow red, the others can do nothing but watch in horror. The red jewel implants itself into thunder forehead. Thunder’s body still glows red and now he turns looking down at everyone who stands before him. The End Has returned!

The End: Well I suppose this body will have to do good thing for all the sagas to give their lives to me don’t you think.

Lyner: No!

The End: Really well that’s too bad.

Entai: Lyner stay back you no match for him.

Marth: Entai stay here I’m going.

Entai: Marth don’t we have to get away.

Marth: There’s no where we can since we can’t move back we’ll move forward.

Lyner: Just the two of us then.

Marth: Two on one is better odds.

Lyner: Then let’s go.

The End: You don’t really plan on fighting me do you? RRRAAAARRAA!!!
With but a push of his energy Marth and Lyner were flown back.

The End: You don’t have the power to play with me kid. I was once a demon before I became the Red Jewel. I am the most powerful demon and the last alive. I had a body once a very long time ago I can’t even remember my first name but it’s not important. They called me the devil and I still am, HHAHAHA!!

Lyner: Devil or not you’re still going down.

The End: You… HHAHAHAA stupid kid, lie on your knee and bow to your new god.

Lyner: Like hell I will. RRRRRRAAAAAA

Lyner rushes at The End, he throws his hardest punch but The End catches it with no problem but.

The End: HAHAAAHA is that all you really got kid (What? What’s going on with my body I feel like my power is begin sucked away it can’t be that kid.)

The End pushes Lyner away, Marth then gets behind The End and gives him a hard kick in the side of his neck but nothing he still stand there like nothing. The End grabs Marth leg and throws him at Lyner.

The End: You can’t even stand up to me!!(Why? Why s my body losing power I’m losing power why?)

Lyner stand and his body begins to glow red, The End looks at him with shock, Lyner has transformed into his demon form.

The End: I don’t believe you have it too you have it inside of you no wonder I felt my power leaving me you are taking it because. YOU ARE THE NEXT RED JEWEL!!!!

Lyner did not hear what the end said no one did.

The End: I can’t keep fighting him if I do then I’ll lose all my power. Hmm what should I do?

Lyner moves fast and gets behind The End.

The End: Again HHAH!!

Lyner did a hard punch that hit The End was flown back.

Entai: Impossible where did he get all that power?

The End: No I’m losing more power the longer I’m near him.

Lyner moves in and The End catches him and grabs his head.

The End: I will read your mind.

The End sees his past and see one he likes the most. Marth moves in and kicks The End but this time it does damage and pushes him back.

Marth: Lyner are you ok.

Lyner: I’m fine let’s go.

The End: Wait I will prove to you that I am a devil I will show you, your worst nightmare. RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAA!!!

Everything begins to shack and break about the floor in front of The End breaks open and an arm come out of it a human arm.

??? : HAHAHAA!! Back from hell and glad

Marth: No it can’t be it.

Lyner: Dragoon!!

Dragoon: In human form sadly.

The End: No need to worry yourself, take this as a gift.

Dragoon body glows red and he starts to change. The dragon's body has returned
Dragoons final form.

Dragoon: RRAAA!!! That feels much better.

Lyner: NO!

The End: Dragoon I am you master now take their lives.

Dragoon: Them huh no problem.

Lyner: Dragoon.

Dragoon: Lyner it’s been too long now I think we can finally finish our fight.

The End: I am a true god of nightmares HAHAHAHAAAHA!!

Dragoon rushes at Lyner.

Marth: Lyner Watch out.

Wind pushes back Dragoon before he can make his hit.

Sue: I don't think so.

Marth: Guys your ok.

Roy: Marth you’re on our side now.

Lyner: Sorry guys I didn't tell you because we had to make it real.

Presea: Really oh well you'll have to tell use later.

Sue: We show how Dragoon came back but I still can't believe it.

The End: So you all have defeated the Sagas worthless fools beaten by kids.

Dragoon: When did they have this much power huh it looks like a lot has changed.

Lyner: I'll take care of Dragoon you guys handle The End.

Marth: Are you sure Lyner.

Lyner: Go!!

Lyner rushes at Dragoon and they clash hitting each other back and forth flying high in the air moving incredibly fast. The others rush to The End standing in front of him.

Sue: The End is over.

The End: It is over when I say it is RRRRRRAAAAAAA!!!

With his scream he pushes all of them back but they stand firm and move forward.

The End: You’re stronger than I thought.

Each one of them fires a beam and The End but nothing happened. Then they move around him and fire there beams again and still nothing.

The End: Please this is nothing.


Then each beam changes to the elements Wind, Water, Earth, and Lighting. With each element it hurts The End, him shocked in feeling pain.

The End: NO!!! It can't be am I still losing power.
With his power alone he pushes everyone far back.

The End: Dragoon come here now kill these worthless fools

Dragoon moves away from Lyner and head to where The End stands.

The End: (Strange when he is near me I feel my power slipping now it can't be.)

Dragoon: The End.

The End: What?

Dragoon: I am no slave!!

Dragoon punches The End making him fly back.

Dragoon: You let your guard down HAHAHA a mistake HAHAHAHA!

The End: You!! You owe me your life obey me.

Dragoon: I obey no one but me HHAHAAHA!!

The End enraged begins to turn red his body changes he lets go of Thunder's body and becomes a giant demon made of red energy.

The End: RRRRAAAAAA!!! Die!!!

Soon Dragoon, Lyner, Sue, Marth, Roy, and Presea, stand together to fight The End.

The End: I the master of all demons I will not be made a fool of.

Dragoon: This isn’t your world anymore its mine.

Lyner: I don’t know why you’re helping but with this fight we might need you.

Dragoon: This is only for this time and this time only you got that.

Lyner: Fine and I thought you changed.

Dragoon: Piff!

The End: The first Light and Dark turned me into the jewel and there son will not kill me.
Entai: So the story is true.

They all put there powers together and blast The End making him move back with all their power combined.

The End: RRAAAA!!! I will not lose I will go to the world and burn it all down.

Lyner: I will not let you we will not let you. You end right here and right now. Final Explosion!!

Dragoon: Dragoon’s Breath!!

Marth: Thunder Strom!!

Roy: Rock Blade!!

Sue: Wind Breaker!!

Presea: Water Plus!!

There powers go throw The End giving him a hole in his body.

All: We will not let you go to the real world you die here and now goodbye The End. Element Wave!!!

All of the powers mix and become one giant beam of energy hitting through The End leaving nothing but the red jewel on the ground.

The End: HAHAHAH!!! I may die here but I will return in another body HAHAHA!! Until we see each other again. Lyner!!!

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Chapter 15 Second Coming

Entai: It’s over finally over.

Lying on the ground not able to move and breathes hard.

Thunder: Entai come here please.

Entai standing walk slowing with a lip to Thunder.

Entai: Now see you master is dead and now what do you want.

Thunder: I’m sorry Entai.

Entai: What! Don’t give me that now since you’re dying!

Thunder: I and the other Sagas had no control of what we were doing.

Entai: What?

Thunder: When we fought agents The End the four of us where infected with The End power and when we learned of this we stayed away from you Entai so you would not be like us. For years we have tried our best to hold it back but when the jewel returned to earth it grew stronger and stronger and when the jewel was destroyed the power grew higher and then we lost control.

Lyner walks to Thunder hearing all he said. The other walk behind him.

Lyner: It’s all my fault then.

Thunder: Do not blame yourself what you did was the right thing to do. There was nothing you could have done.

Dragoon: So that what happened so I guess I have you to thank for me coming back as well

Marth: Dragoon why are even here it’s weird that were not even fighting.

Dragoon: What do you want to fight?!

Lyner: Stop you both know that we used all our power to beat The End we don’t have enough power for a good fight Dragoon.

Dragoon: Good fight huh hahahah yeah I guess you’re right.

Thunder: Sue, Roy, and Presea I’m sorry you had to fight the others and kill them again I sorry you had to go through that.

Sue: You don’t have to worry yourself about that.

Thunder: Cinder, Vash, and Kaze, and soon me, Entai you will be the last.

Marth: Thunder, please tell me your name.

Thunder: Yes my name is… Raiden.

Marth: Raiden.

Thunder: It has been a long time since I heard that now I think I can rest.

Entai: Hey Thunder stay with us!!

Entai holding Thunder while he is dying cries for his long lost friend.

Thunder: Don’t worry about me I’m fine I don’t feel any pain anymore.

Thunder passes out there and no longer moves.

Entai: Thunder!!

Lyner: Entai I’m…

Entai: No... It’s not your fault.

Presea: Huh… do u feel that.

They all turn around and see the three other Sagas walking to Thunder body.

Entai: Your sprits now.

Clouds: Yes thanks to these children we are at peace.

They vanish and reappear next to Thunder. They move to pick him up but his body does not move instead this soul comes out.

Thunder: We are at peace now we know the world is safe in your hands.

Waves: Goodbye my new friends.

Rocks: And good luck for what comes next we know you will win.

Clouds: We leave you Presea, Sue, Roy, and Marth our remaining power.

Thunder: Use them well we will meet again one day goodbye.

They fade away.

Entai: Goodbye my friends.

Dragoon: Hhmm whatever… let’s just move on.

Roy: Hey don’t…

Lyner: It’s ok let him say what he wants it won’t matter anyway.

Sue: He’s right the well deal with Dragoon latter.

Dragoon: Deal with me like anyone of you could.

Lyner: We’ll just have to see.

Dragoon: Anytime.

Entai: Stop do you feel that.

Roy: It can’t be the jewel.

The End: RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAA!!! I’m not dead yet.

Uses his energy the jewel pushes the others away from Thunder body. Then he moves to his body and takes over it.

The End: Now Fight!!!

Entai: Look The End has lost control of himself.

Marth: But that power is still greater than I thought.

Sue: We don’t have the power to keep fighting like this.

Dragoon: Fool who says you’re going to fight.

Presea: What you’re not thinking of fighting him alone?

Dragoon: No me and Lyner only.

Marth: What why Lyner?

Dragoon: Me and Lyner are the only ones with enough power left to fight.

Lyner: He’s right you guys have low power so sit this out.

Marth: We can’t just stand here.

Dragoon: Then how about while we’re fight you send us your power.

Entai: Very well… we will send you both the last of our power.

Sue: What?

Entai: We have to trust them both.

Dragoon: Let’s go Lyner

Marth: Send them power now.

All of them raise their power and send it to Lyner and Dragoon while they walk to The End.

Dragoon: Hmm….

Lyner: What?

Dragoon: I didn’t think they had this much power left.

Lyner: Yeah they’ll surprise you.

The End: Come die at my feet.

Entai: I’m out of power.

Marth: Keep going.

Sue: We’ll never stop.

Roy: Until it’s all over.

Presea: Or until we die.

Entai: Amazing they still have that much power left. What? They’re getting stronger it’s the elements.

Marth, Sue, Roy, and Presea, yell a load roar and power comes out of them they change.

Marth body is surrounded by little shocks, Sue is surrounded by fast moving wind, Roy is surround by floating rocks, and Presea is surround by streams of water.

Entai: I don’t believe it they reached it the super from of a Saga.

The End: Die!!!!

They get pushed by The End energy but they still keep moving forward.

The End: Why won’t you die?!!!!

Dragoon: We won’t give up.

Lyner: Until you are gone from this world forever.

Both: With the power of our friends we will defeat you. RRRRRRAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Both Dragoon and Lyner transform into their super forms.

Dragoon: Hmm I didn’t think I transform into this unless I was Metro.

Lyner: I never thought this would come out again.

The End: How? How can this be you both have even more power.

Dragoon: It won’t stop there what do you say Lyner how about we do it again.

Lyner: Fine by me.

A big glow comes from both and it shines brighter and brighter blinding The End.

The End: What is this?

A gold figure appears.

Naos: Naos has returned and I’m in super form. I guess you can call me Super Naos.

Entai: I don’t believe it even without the read jewel they changed into that.

Naos: So The End are you ready to meet yours.

The End: RRAAAA!!

In a flash Naos is next to him. He moves his head then is flown far away. The End opens his eyes while still flying back and see Naos on top flowing him.

Naos: What’s the matter you’re moving too slowly?

Naos then move ahead of him and kicks him up.

Naos: You will never use that body again The End!!! Final Dragons Blast.
A giant beam shots out and move fast to The End, it his and The End tries to push it away.

The End: No this can’t be how can this be I’m the most powerful demon in the world I can’t lose I just can’t NNNNOOOOOO!!!

Naos: Goodbye… The End!! End Game!!!

In a flash The End is no more all is left is the jewel.

Naos: so that all that’s left all well.

The Jewel then moves up and hits Naos in the head.

The End: Now your body will be mine.

Naos: Oh no!! GGGGGRAAARAA!!!



The End: What you can’t have more power than me.

Naos: Oh I can.

Naos grabs the jewel and takes if off of him.

Naos: Now for the last time Goodbye… The End.


Then the jewel breaks to pieces and melts away.

A glow then Naos is split in two once again.

They stare at each other.

Marth: Are they going to fight?

Sue: Their both in their super forms still.

They still stare at each other and laugh.

Lyner: HAHAAA!!

Dragoon: HAAHAA!!!

They both turn back to normal and walk back to the others.

Presea: What?

Lyner: We decided to fight later so for now we will just enjoy the moment.

Roy: Well that ok by me.

Entai: Thank you both it’s finally over.

Lyner: Entai let us help you with the remaining Sagas bodies.

Entai: No that’s something I have to do here.

A door opens up out of nowhere.

Entai: Now go home I will join you when I’m done.

Lyner: But…

Sue: Lyner let him do it.

Lyner: Ok. We’ll see you later then Entai.

They all go while Entai stayed to deal with his friends bodies. Back on Earth.

Dragoon: I’ll be leaving now.

Lyner: What? What do you plan on doing?

Dragoon: Nothing I’m going to leave this planet. I don’t know if I will ever come back.
Until then be ready for our fight to the death I will be.

Lyner: I’ll be waiting.

Dragoon flies off to space to the unknown.

Lyner: We will see him again.

Sue: I’m sure so for now let’s enjoy our peace.

Marth: Hey I’ll race you.

Lyner: you’re on.

Roy: Hey don’t leave me out of this.

Presea: HHAHAA I’ll join too ok. Ready… set… GO!!

They all fly off to enjoy the time of peace they have until the return of Dragoon.

Entai standing in front of a fire.

Entai: Goodbye my friends we will make you proud.

The End
Coming soon story 3
Red Jewel: WAR!!
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Well thank you for taking the time to read the story please post comments and I'm am well aware of errors i've been maining to change Sagas to Sages but haven't done that yet
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Red Jewel 2: Reborn The End
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