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 Red Jewel Begining of Blood

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PostSubject: Red Jewel Begining of Blood   Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:10 pm

Chapter 1 Enter Lyner

It starts with a boy with something dark inside of him that will show it self soon. This boy’s name is Lyner. He lived the life of a loner until he finally found people that he could call friends or maybe, through fate friends found him.

One day, while Lyner was walking back home from school, He heard something plummet to the ground near him. Lyner went to go see what it was. In the crater was a deep red jewel. It seemed to shine as bright as the sun, but as he came closer to it, the glow the stone gave off seemed to fade.

As he reached to pick up the object he noticed that it was perfectly diamond in shape. But before he could even touch it a hand that appeared to be made up of light lunged out of the jewel and grabbed Lyner’s head. Lyner screamed in agony as two beams of dark energy shot out from his body and flew away as if they were alive.

And then Lyner woke up.

He was in his room. Thoughts of "where am I, how did I get here, and what happened?" rushed through Lyner's mind. But some relief came when he saw his friends: Sue, Roy, Marth, and Presea come through the door.

Sue: Hey are you all right? We found you passed out by that crater!

Roy: Now, Now you know Lyner can take care of himself, so what where you doing there any way?

Lyner: I don’t remember... wait yeah! I saw something fall from the sky and I went to go check it out there was a red jewel in the middle of the crater and when I went to go and see it my whole body starts hurting like crazy and then I woke up here.

Marth: That was a stupid idea for you to have.

Presea: Hey! Marth don’t say that he just wanted to know what was there, well whatever.

Lyner: No it's ok that was pretty stupid of me.... I don’t know I was just was drawn to it like it was calling me. Pretty weird right guys?

Sue: Well since we know that you're OK, we better get going..

Lyner: What time is it?

Sue: Well... you were out an entire day.


Marth: Hey don’t yell it’s late!

Lyner: Right sorry..

Roy: Well,let's get going eh? See ya tomorrow.

Lyner: Yeah Bye guys.

The next day came. A new movie had just been released, so Lyner and his friends had gone to see it.

Roy: Well what do you think of the movie guys?

Sue: It was OK.

Marth: It was fine.

Presea: I liked it.

Lyner: Yeah but it could of used more action.

All of a sudden they hear a dark voice coming from the shadows.

Dark Voice: You want to see more action eh!?
Well why don’t you try me?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Lyner and his friends are terrified as they gaze upon what appears to be a living shadow hovering over them.

Dark voice: What’s wrong it looks like your seeing a ghost but I AM Alive!!


CHAPTER 2 Darkness within

The Dark shadow they see forms into what looks like a darker Lyner but his clothes are different than Lyner's. Where as Lyner is in green, this imposter is in all black and red.

Dark Lyner calls out to the group with an inhuman glare on his face : Yo! How's it going? The glare turns into a half crazed smile.

Lyner: Who are you?

Dark Lyner: What you don’t recognize me?! I am You! I am the one who was living inside of you ever since you were born! You not knowing you keep me locked up in your heart. But I manage to leak out whenever your rage consumes you. Oh how I love it, it feels so good.

Lyner: Are you saying you’re my anger?!

Dark Lyner: No I am you, I am something you created in your dark heart. You just finally gave me a body that soon I will reach.

Sue: What are you talking about having a new body?

Dark Lyner: Right now this body of mine is changing and soon I will reach the body I want..... but until then let us fight Lyner!

"What?!" The group says in unison.

Dark Lyner: Lyner... I’m going to kill you, this is payback for all the years you kept me inside not even letting me scratch the surface!

Dark Lyner charges at Lyner and the fight begins. Dark Lyner throws the first punch and hits Lyner square in the face knocking back with enough force for him to fall into the brick wall he lands on.

Dark Lyner: Well looks like my power is rising faster then I thought it would... ha, ha! Now lets go LYNER!!!

Lyner gets out of the wall, enraged he cries at Dark Lyner: Damn You!! Fine if you want to fight so badly then lets go!! As Lyner charges at Dark Lyner he wonders "How am I still alive? Am I growing stronger as he does?" He smashes Dark Lyner in the face knocking his dark counter part into an adjacent wall, returning the favor.

Dark Lyner laughing as he walks out of the ruble.

Dark Lyner: Yes, more, More, MORE POWER!

In that instant a wing springs out of him

Lyner : A dragon's wing?!

Dark Lyner: Ha hahahahaha!!! Yes power! I FEEL MORE POWER!

Lyner: What the hell are you?

Dark Lyner: I thought I told you. I am you!

Then Dark Lyner began to transform even further, a second wing came out his back. One side of his face grew a straight horn and scales with sharp teeth.

Dark Lyner: Cmon! lets keep going.

He flaps his wings causing a mighty gust that almost blows everyone else away. He then charges at Lyner at incredible speed. Only Lyner himself is able to see just enough to evade Dark Lyner's attacks. But slowly Lyner starts matching Dark Lyner blow for blow.

The fight keeps going, as it dragged on Dark Lyner grew a tail, his arms began to change into a large red scale with claws. His head grew a matching horn on the other side and then his face turned completely into that of a dragon. His figure was still that of a human, but all his features were dragon like.

Dark Lyner: I will change my name to match the change of my body. From now on call me Dragoon.

Everyone was astounded at what had transpired before they're very eyes.

Finally with one of them saying: “Oh my god, what is going on here?”

With Dragoon's body completely transformed, he is even more powerful then before, Lyner can’t even keep up with him anymore. Dragoon uses his tail to grab Lyner’s neck, not only strangling him but at the same time punching him in the stomach and laughing.

Dragoon: Now it's time to finish this.

Dragoon throws Lyner with great force sending him through 4 walls. Dragoon then puts his hand out and a ball of energy forms in it.

Dragoon: It's time for you to die HA HA HA HA HA!

Before Dragoon delivers the finishing blow, he cruelly taunts "After I kill you, I'll kill your friends and everyone you love! HA haha ha!"

As Dragoon speaks red energy starts leaking out of Lyner. It grows larger and larger until it covers his entire body as Lyner's rage builds.

Lyner: I won’t let you touch them!!!

Lyner teeth lengthen and sharpen while his eyes become that of a demon's.

The shocked Dragoon remains immobile from Lyner's amazing speed as Lyner appear in front of him and delivers a crushing blow that sends him crashing though several walls, only to appear behind Dragoon and deliver yet another astonishing hit. The second strike Dragoon gets blasted into the sky. He desperately tries to stop his momentum with his wings and then glides down to where Lyner is standing.

Dragoon: What’s going on where did that power come from?!

Lyner is now standing right across from him.

Lyner: Yeah your right, it's time to finish this fight now!!

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PostSubject: Re: Red Jewel Begining of Blood   Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:25 am

Chapter 3 Battle

Dragoon: HA HA HA HA looks like you changed like me this will be more fun then I thought.
Lyner: I am not like you I don’t go around killing and destroying things like you… You’re the monster that I am going to destroy!!!!
Dragoon: Well now...that all you got to say?! Then lets get this over with eh!!?
The both of them began with fists and kicks. One after another, hit by hit, block by block, using any move they can think of to try and get each other. The clash of their power make the earth shake and crack the floors on the ground, the white clouds and blue sky began turning red and black. When their fists and kicks hit each other with explosive force, damaging the land around them.
Sue: What is going on it feels like a storm!.
Marth: Guys we got to get out of here everything is starting to crack! It's not safe here!
The pause for a moment's respite and then shout “COME ON!!!” gathering energy into their hands. A piece of rubble falls off a building. It lands and the two combatants fire! Wave after wave of energy blasts shooting from each others hands as they circle each other in the air. The blasts collide and come together forming a gigantic mass of energy between them. Finally the mass can hold itself no longer and explodes obliterating everything it touches. A brilliant white flash of light is all that can be seen.
The people in the area have long fled. As high energy read outs are picked up on the military's equipment, an investigation begins and they start preparing for whatever threat may be awaiting them.
In a last ditch attempt to end the battle, Lyner gathers all of his energy for one last attack. He bringss his hands to his side and powers up. His energy becomes visible and slowly encompasses his whole body and then surrounds him until he's no longer able to be seen. The energy then flows from around Lyner until it's entirely focused into his hands.
Lyner: Dragoon take this and go to Hell!!! FINAL EXPLOSION!!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
Lyner fires and the compressed ball turns into a gargantuan wave or pure energy, flying at Dragoon at a speed that makes it unavoidable. even for him.
Dragoon puts his hands out to try to stop the wave from anihalating him, but the force of the attack is too great.
Dragoon: No I can’t hold it back NOOOOOO!!!!
Smoke covered the area nothing can be seen but smoke and dust. When it clears there is nothing but a crater filled with dirt, rocks, pieces of bricks and glass. Lyner descends back to the ground.
Lyner: Wow I . . . I did it. I beat him....
Lyner's body returned to normal; His eyes changed back to brown, and his teeth became those of a human's again. Lyner, out of breath and hardly able to stand but holds his ground until his friends come by his side.
Marth: Wow what power......
Roy: That’s . . . amazing.
Presea: I can’t believe that happened.
Sue: Hey Lyner are you alright?!
Lyner: I’m just great. I’ve never felt better, but I’m a little tired...
Lyner fell to his knees.
Lyner: Woops looks like I used too much energy on that attack. I’m a lot more tired then I thought.....
Just as the battle seemed finally over, Lyner felt a dark force approching and used his remaining energy to push everyone away from him and screaming.
Lyner: Look out!!!
An energy blast flies from the crater and hits Lyner and he screams in pain. Lyner hit the wall of what’s left of an empty building coughing out blood. To everyone’s surprise and dread it was Dragoon coming out of the crater blasting everything in his way screaming.
Dragoon: LLYYNNEERR!!!!!!
He grabs Lyner by the throat.
Dragoon: Nice attack. How about you try mine, Dragon’s Breath!!!!!
A massive amount of energy came out of Dragoon’s mouth encompassing Lyner's entire body, Lyner screaming in pain. The energy blast was so masive that it left a hole in a building behind Lynter
Dragoon: Ahh!! Your Still Alive I see.
Lyner almost to his last breath has no more energy left to fight with. It looks like as if all he can do is wait for death to take him.
Dragoon: Now this will finish you for good!! DRAGON’S BREATH!!!!
As the attack approaches time appears to slow down.
Lyner: It can’t end like this.
The attack comes closer and closer and as it is about to hit a mysterious figure jumps in and hits the blast away saving Lyner.
Dragoon: Who the hell are you?
Unknown person: I am Entei of the flame. I know who you are Dragoon.
Dragoon: AHA I’m glad I’m already so famous! Now get out of my way.
Entei: Dragoon I may not be able to defeat you, but this child can. So I’m going to take him and train him until he is stronger then you! Burning Flash!!!
In a flash of burning light blinds Dragoon for a short time, When Dragoon finally can see again, Lyner and his friends are gone.
Dragoon: W… What! W…Where did? Darn he’s fast. OK I’ll wait but until then I’ll have tons of fun HAHAHAHAHAAA!!
As fast as light Lyner and his friends find themselves surrounded by mountains, trees, and a cabin.
Presea: W… Where are we?
Entei: You are in the training grounds for Lyner. As soon as he wakes up we will begin.
Sue: But Lyner is out cold you need to give him time to heal!
Entei: We don’t have the time.
Sue knees on top of Lyner and put her hands on his chest moving him.
Sue: Lyner wake up please.
Entei: What’s this I feel a power but its not Lyner or Dragoon... So who?
Entei looks at Sue and sees that her hands are glowing but not very brightly. Only Entei notices.
Entei: She’s healing him and she doesn’t even know it. I thought Lyner was the only one of them with power.... I wonder could they all have unawakened powers waiting to be unlocked? Things are starting to get interesting.

Chapter 4 Red Jewel’s Back Round

Lyner: AAAHH H…How long was I out.
Roy: Man you were out for three days!
Lyner: WHAAAT!!!!
Roy: Got you.
Roy does a silly face and Lyner hits him on the head.
Roy: Ouchhhh!!
Lyner: Don’t joke around with stuff like that darn it!!!
Then everyone laughs until Entei enters slamming the door open.
Entei: Its time to begin.
Everyone stood quiet.
Lyner: Begin… Begin what?
Entei: Your training so you can defeat Dragoon. But before we start I think you guys need to hear the story of the Red Jewel and why it’s called the RED Jewel.
Lyner: Why? And wait who are you?
Entei: Right, I told your friends but not you. I am Entei.
Entei: Now, the reason why it is called the Red Jewel is because it is filled with the blood of a thousand Humans and Demons.
Everyone had a shocked expression of why crosses their faces, but they wait to hear more of the story.
Entei: It was created by a powerful Sorcerer who sought immortality and the power to the world but was stopped and killed by my master. His name was THE LIGHT, I was The Light’s companion. The people called my Entei of the Flame, but that was over a thousand years ago.
Marth: Impossible no one can live that long! How can that be?!
Entei: For two reasons, first because of my power and with it I can use the energy of the planet to keep my alive. Second because I am one of the five sages. I am the sage of fire. Theres is a thrid the help of Time
Lyner: Sages???
Entei: There are five Sages: Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, and Thunder. We our meant to protect the plant and everyone in it, The Light was our leader.
Lyner: So where are the other Sages?
Entei: The others have abandoned their duties ever since The Light died… no gave his life to protect this world.
Marth: So you’re on your own.
Entei: Yes, they would not help and told me not to do anything to let the planet fall.
Sue: Why would they do that?
Entei: I don’t know. They just changed all of a sudden. Well, don’t worry about them; I’ll tell how The Light died.
It all started when the Sorcerer started taking lives from demons. Previously he was only killing humans to make the jewel. (Um this sounds kinda evil as it seems the sages didn't care about humans? lol) He wanted power; he wanted to be strong and with that hunger for power he started reading the Dark Book of Spells. With it he found a way to gain the power he wanted. The Spell required the blood and souls of Humans and Demons.[color=red] (WAIT HOLD UP. Which did he start killing first? The demons or the humans? re explain this) [/red]He started with the demons and he killed a thousand of them after that he went to village to village killing every human there in sight.
He didn’t care, so me and The Light went after him to stop him, but we were too late for he had finished his spell and made the Red Jewel already. The Power of the Jewel was beyond are expectations. The Light fought with The Sorcerer while we, the Sages, where trying to seal the Jewel. But it was too much for us. Its dark powers overpowered our seals. Then the Sorcerer evaded The Light’s attack and went for the Jewel. He grasped the jewel and used it to give him power. He transformed into a giant Red monster. It took all of us to hold him off. The fight was long and hard and though we fought with all our might the Sorcerer was still stronger, so The Light told us to give him our remaining power. He used it to make a seal which needed more power than any one of us could manage. It was a soul extraction incantaion and with it's power he jumped into the Sorcerer's head, ripped out his soul and put it in the Jewel. The problem in using that seal is… the cost for such a powerful spell is your life.
Entei: …… That is how he died but beforethe deed was finished he told us “Remember to do our duty to protect the Earth don’t fail me” that is what he said to us. We went to go get his body but before we could the Jewel started moving on its own. It spoke and said “Oh too bad he’s dead. At least I have a new body.” So the Jewel took his body and we had to fight the body of our former master. The battle nearly killed us. We couldn’t stop it but in that instant the Spirit of The Light returned and removed the jewel from his body taking it and saying “I will try my best to hold the Jewel back! But one day it will return to Earth. Be ready!” and he flew away into space.
Marth: So much for the other Sages help after what we just heard they should be helping us.
Presea: Yeah they should be helping, not avoiding the fight!
Entei: I cannot speak for them but after we all spoke I couldn’t find them again. It’s like they vanished.
Lyner: If they won’t help then I will Entei. Let us begin.
Entei: That’s the spirit lets go!
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PostSubject: Re: Red Jewel Begining of Blood   Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:26 am

Chapter 5 Training Begins

Entei: Lyner you let your energy flow out all the time you need to control the flow.


Entei: No let me explain energy. Well energy is all around in you in the sky in the ground in everything and everyone. What you need to do is concentrate try making an energy ball like this.

Entei makes an energy shot from his hand.

Lyner: Wow all right!! My turn

Lyner does in his first time.

Entei thinking: No way for a normal person it would take ten years to master this but… well I guess it won’t take too long.

Entei: Well done now lets move on to the next step attacking with the energy, try it.


Lyner shots the energy but before hitting its target it fades away.

Entei: you need to try to hold that energy even after you let it go concentrate harder then try it again.


After a few times Lyner does it.

Lyner: Alright I did it Yeah Yeah!!

Entei: Now to the last step concentrating while fighting I coming!!!

Lyner: W…Wait I’m not ready aahhh!!!

Lyner and Entei trained with each other for ten day and nights. The fight they had was long both very beat up stop fighting on the fifth day.

Sue: You guys have been fight for five days strait and now you rest!! Damn it!!

Lyner: Sorry Sue I guess we lost track of time.

Sue hits over the head.

Sue: Lost track of time who are you trying to kid you could’ve been hurt real bad or worse get killed you idiot.

Lyner petting his head.

Lyner: Ouch I said I’m sorry you don’t have to hit.

Sue keeps yell at Lyner.

Roy: I bet she hits harder then you Entei.

Entei: Yeah I think so too.

Sue: What are you taking about!!!

Roy and Entei: Nothing!!

Sue: listen Lyner I just don’t want you to die Ok.

Lyner: Yeah I know trust me, I promise I won’t die.

Sue: Good.

Entei: Lyner get some rest you’ll need for tomorrow.

Lyner: Right!

Lyner goes to his room.

Entei: Sue, Marth, Roy, Presea I need to talk to you.

The next day.

Entei: Lyner wake up its time.

Lyner: Bah!! A little longer.

Entei: GET UP!!!!

Entei throws Lyner’s bed.

Lyner: AAAAHHH I’m up I’m up Damn you don’t have to yell.

Lyner and Entei begin again the training so then start fighting. Another four days later they stop fighting.

Entei: Good very good you have gotten stronger and faster then before you are ready now.

Lyner: Thanks Entei.

Entei lets rest for today because tomorrow were going after Dragoon, so rest up.

The next day Entei talks to Lyner.

Entei: Lyner I will be with you until the very end and I promise you one thing… I won’t die until the Jewel has been destroyed got it!!

Lyner: Yup now let go. Hey!! Guys were going to leave you here its safer OK Bye!!!

Marth: Good luck!

Presea: Come back OK!

Roy: Don’t Die!!

Sue: …

Lyner: Yeah I know See ya!!

Lyner and Entei go to find Dragoon for the final fight.

While they are flying to Dragoon.

Entei: Lyner I didn’t want to tell you but while you where training Dragoon was out Destroying things and killing people.

Lyner: Yeah I know I can feel it I was able to feel it all… don’t worry we’ll get him!
Chapter 6 Battle Dragoon

The surroundings are dead there is nothing in a once glowing city it once was filled with life now it is broken and empty.

Dragoon: AH! The army’s of the world… they are no fun at all maybe killing was too much… HAAHAAA! I make myself laugh. All well to the next place now. Wait… wha what’s that.

Dragoon turns around to look for the power he feels coming towards him.

Dragoon: I don’t know that who can it be.

In a flash Entei and Lyner appear across Dragoon.

Dragoon: ……

Lyner: Yoo!!

Entei: I told you he come back stronger and it looks like I got stronger too eh!

Lyner with a smile on his face.

Lyner: what’s wrong surprised.

Dragoon: Look who full of himself you think you strong well why don’t you so me.

When Dragoon finished his sentence Lyner was already behind him and Dragoon turn to the corner of his eye to see Lyner behind his.

Dragoon: …W..What!!?

Lyner: What’s wrong you sacred.

Dragoon: how?

Entei showed up on top of Dragoon and attack.

Entei: (Fire spell)-BURNING BALL!!

Entei inhaled and exhaled fire he used it to attack Dragoon while flying over him, Lyner got out of the way in time.

Flames are around where Dragoon was standing then a gust of wind blows away the fire.

Dragoon: Is that all you got.

Lyner and Entei: No we’re just getting started.

Entei: Lyner! Let charge up hold him off.

Lyner: Do it quick.

Lyner charges at Dragoon their fist clashed with each other and they go at fighting punches and kicks.

Entei: Damn Lyner you’ve even gotten better now too maybe I won’t need to use this attack well its almost done so hold on Lyner.

Dragoon: Lyner you’ve gotten stronger ooch!

Lyner: you haven’t improved at all!

Dragoon: Brat!!

Lyner: You done Entei!

Entei: Yup!!

Dragoon: What!?

Lyner Grabs Dragoon.

Lyner: You can’t run from this NOWW!!!

Around Entei fire appears, Entei breathes out fire, puts his hands together then in a triangle shape in points it at Dragoon.

Entei: (Take this) Secret Fire Spell-BURING WALL OF DEATH!!!

A beam of fire shots from Entei, Lyner with his speed gets out of the way in the last minute, the blast hits Dragoon. The blast made smoke, Lyner went next to Entei and waited for the smoke to clear

Lyner: …

Entei: …

When the smoke cleared they saw something they thought they wouldn’t see again

Dragoon: That was a nice attack it really hurt like hell.

Stream comes from Dragoon’s body.

Entei: It’s not over yet there’s more to this attack.

Flames shot up around Dragoon and up to the sky then the flames crash done towards Dragoon and then an explosion.

Dragoon: (Damn I can’t take them both on like this if we keep going I’ll die damn it death by the weaklings) NEWER!!

Dragoon flaps his wings it blows the fire away.

Dragoon: Wind BLADE

Blades in the wind fly towards Entei and Lyner. They both dodge the blades. When the blades vanish Dragoon looks at both Entei Lyner.

???: Well. Well what a mess this is, there’s not enough blood there should be more blood.

Entei: No it can’t be I know that voice the Sorcerer!!!

Lyner: What!!
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PostSubject: Re: Red Jewel Begining of Blood   Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:29 am

Chapter 7 New Power

It was the Red Jewel flying over the battle.

Sorcerer: No thanks to The Light I am the Red Jewel now! Hey Dragoon you want more power?

Dragoon: Yes!

Sorcerer: Well may my power be yours.

Entei: NO! Lyner we have to stops this!

But it was too late the jewel was already in Dragoon’s hands.

Sorcerer: Now! Use my power and transform!

Dragoon: RRRAAAAAA!!!

Dragoon’s body began to change the clement and the sky began the ground around them began to shake.

Entei: Damn what power!

Dragoon: RRRRAAAAAA!!!

Energy flows out of Dragoon pushing everything back.


Dragoon: AHAAHHAA! I’m not Dragoon anymore call me Metro.

Lyner: look his body is metal what happened?

Entei: The Jewel changed his body it metal because Dragoon wanted it to be.

Metro: HEY! Were you not listening it not Dragoon its, METRO!!

Metro flies towards Lyner punches him away from Entei.

Metro: Time for some payback!

Entei: Crap!!

Metro charges up his beam and shots it at Entei, Entei flow back then Metro went behind him then kick him upwards, Metro warped up to Entei and punched him in his gut making him fall down fast. Entei hit the ground making a hole he then coughs out blood.

Entei: Coh!

Metro: How was that? (I have much power now good very good)

Sorcerer: (do you like good have fun)

Lyner: Entei are you okay!?

Entei: I’m fine don’t worry about me. (Damn I have no choice now I have to us that technique.)

Lyner: looks like it time for me to stop holding back!

Lyner flies towards Metro then in a flash was right behind him then Lyner kicks him but the metal moved and blocked Lyner’s attack.

Lyner: What!?

Metro: Nice the metal is protecting me from his attacks, as long as I can see his movements I can block with moving a single step, the ultimate defense.

Lyner keeps trying to get past his defense but can’t do.

Lyner: Damn I’m not fast enough to get past it, Damn it.

Lyner moves around him trying to get a hit on him so he moves all around his body with great speed but Metro can see him and stop his attacks.

Entei: NOW!!

Entei got past Metro attacks and grabs him.

Entei: It looks like I snuck up on you so you couldn’t defend yourself right.

Metro: (Crap!) What are you going to you know you can’t stand up to me.

Entei flies up to the sky.

Entei: Lyner I’m sorry but I have to go and I’m taking Metro with me goodbye.

Lyner: NOOO!

Entei: Self Destruct!!

Metro: What!?


The explosion was big it pushed everything back. The smoke was clearing and there was a figure in the smoke.

Lyner: Entei is that you?

The smoked cleared it was Metro but he was hurt the metal was moving everywhere like it was not in control of itself.

Metro: DAMN IT!! That hurt like hell, OOH! (Crap my arm is gone)

Lyner: YOU… You bastard!

Lyner started to change to his Demon from.

Lyner: I’m going to make you pay!

Lyner was so fast that Metro couldn’t keep up, Lyner was right next to him and Lyner ripped off his other arm.


Lyner then kick him up in the air and warped on top of him then punched him down. Metro hit the floor and looked up to see where Lyner was but Lyner warped right in front of Metro.




What was left of Metro body was his lower body nothing but his legs and tail, his lower body fell backwards.

Lyner: Damn I couldn’t stop him without you Entei Damn, I better head back and tell everyone.

Lyner flies back to his friends to tell the bad news. There is still a dark shadow in the clouds.
Chapter 8 Pain Returns

Lyner flies back to the cabin to tell everyone what happened.

Lyner: So that what’s happened I couldn’t do a thing.

Sue: Don’t say that you tried you best and Entei you tell you the same thing.

Lyner: ….

Marth: She’s right don’t worry about you tried your best.

Lyner: I’m going to my room to rest.

Lyner leaves.

Roy: he’s really upset.

Presea: yea, he saw him die how would you feel?

Sue: …. Just leave him, he needs to rest.

Presea: ….

Marth: ….

Roy: ….

Hours have past since the fight. Sue goes to check on Lyner. She knocks on the door.

Lyner: Who is it?

Sue: It’s me. Can I come in?

Lyner: Yeah.

Sue: You okay.

Lyner: ….I’m fine.

Sue: Damn it you’re not fine let it out Lyner please it hurts you holding it in don’t do that to me or everyone else here.

Lyner: ….I… sorry. Its just I was there and couldn’t do anything.

???: So this is where he hides.

Explosions accrue around the cabin.

Lyner: What!?

Roy: What’s going on!?

Marth: (I feel a power outside.)


Lyner: I know!

They all go out side to see make making all that trouble.

Lyner: It can’t be that power! METRO!!!

Metro: That’s right!

Marth: How?

Metro: My body can heal itself so I grow back everything I lost.

Lyner: How did you find us?

Metro: Easy when you thought you killed me, you left then I recovered so I lowered my power level so you couldn’t sense me and I followed you.

Lyner: Guys get out of here.

Roy: where are we going to go where stuck here!?

Lyner: I lead him out here so I’ll lead him out of here too.

Sue: Don’t we can handle ourselves.

In an angry voice.

Lyner: Stay out of this, this is my battle.

Red energy leaks out of Lyner’s body and he changed into his Demon form

Lyner: Lets go!!

Lyner charges at Metro.

Lyner: METRO!!!

Metro: LYNER!!!

They clash and the area shakes.

They go back and forth not even blocking the attacks just hitting each other.

They go at for a long while and then they stop in the air.



The blasts cancel out each other.

Lyner: Not even going to defend yourself with the metal.

Metro: No with that Demon form you move faster then my metal.

Lyner: Too bad.

Metro: My Broken Beam isn’t done yet look behind you.

Lyner looks back and the other beam head strait at him.

Lyner: What!

It hits.

Metro: The Broken Beam splits into two beams one comes at you in front and the other comes from behind nice eh.

The smoke from the blast clears.

Lyner: Damn you.

They got at each other with punches and kicks going for ever part of their body’s.

Lyner: Try this new move, GRAVITY PIT!

A giant ball of energy shots out of Lyner’s hands but it moves slow.

Metro: It moves too slow I can easily dodge it.

Lyner moves behind Metro and grabs him.

Lyner: I know so, it hurts like hell.

Lyner throws Metro at the energy ball, it hits the energy ball wraps around him crushing him.

Lyner: Here’s the other part of the move it get titer and titer and then BOOM! It explodes, with the massive power I gave it, it moves slow but with all that power the explosion could blow up anything even this plant that why your going to space.

Lyner moves his hand upward the energy goes up then he throws his arms in a cross downwards and it explodes.

Lyner: it over

Then Lyner feels something. It’s Metro coming back down.

Metro: LYNER

Lyner: METRO

Lyner and Metro: I will kill you!!

???: Enough fool!

Then to everyone everything felt heavy.

Marth: Damn what this, it’s hard to breath.

Roy: it feels like the gravity is getting heaver and heaver to try and stand up.

Lyner: Who are you?
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Chapter 9 Shadow All Around

???: I am another part of you unlike Metro I don’t think too much I just kill and don’t care about anything else but to kill, I am Shadow!!

Metro: Shadow!?

Lyner: What power, it’s so strong and heavy.

Shadow: Now which one of you wants to die first?

Sorcerer: Interesting someone else with dark power. Who is stronger?

Shadow: What? Don’t you want to fight?

Lyner: Why are you here?

Shadow: To Kill all to kill everything and everyone, HAHAHAAA NOWS THE END!!

Lyner: NO! I’ll stop you!

Lyner charges at Shadow and he punches him in the face but Shadow didn’t even move it was like he didn’t feel it. Lyner still attack him but Shadow was just laughing at him then he grabs Lyner’s neck.

Shadow: You are weak. Now Die.

Lyner: AGHHAA, NO!

Then Shadow was shot with an energy blast from the back he didn’t flick so he let go of Lyner and turned around, it was Metro who shot him.

Shadow: Why?

Metro: Only I will kill Lyner.

Shadow: You are weak just like him you are nothing.

Metro: Damn You I going to kill you, RRAAA!!

Metro did the same as Lyner but the same nothing.

Metro: (Damn he too strong)

Shadow smacks Metro away he flies back to where Lyner is.

Metro: I hate to say this but we have to work together.

Lyner: I agree.

Metro: But just this once after this I will kill you got it.

Lyner: same here.

Shadow: Do you think you can win I was just holding back.

Lyner and Metro: !!!!!

Shadow: Now feel my turn power.

The area gets heaver then in Shadow’s back wings pop out giant wings.

Shadow: I am Shadow the fallen Angel!!

Lyner: He has angel wings but there black.

Shadow: lets take this somewhere else.

The area around them began to change.

Shadow: Lets take this to another place how about your world Lyner.

Lyner: What? My world!?

Everything changed the surroundings are different.

The world became dark the clouds the sky black and blue. The water was dark and can’t see through it the grass and tress where black.

Marth: Where are we.

Sue: What is this place.

Roy: My G…

Presea: WOW how did this happen.

Lyner: This is my world… No.

Metro: Lyner lets go!

Lyner: Right!

They both charge at Shadow and attack. There attacks do nothing to shadow.

Lyner: Final Explosion!!

Metro: Dragon’s Breath!!

Shadow: Try this ENDLESS FEATHER!!

Shadow puts his wing in the ground and thousands of spikes come out of the ground.

Lyner: Metro we got to get dodge them!

Metro: I know!

The spikes where moving to fast and there were too many of them and the spike hit Metro and Lyner they went right throw them.

Sue: LYNER!!!

Marth: Oh no!

Roy and Presea: …

Sue: You can’t die!!

Flash back.

Lyner: Trust me, I promise I won’t die.


Metro: Lyner don’t die yet.

Lyner: cohh… I won’t I promised.

Metro: Jewel is there a way to use Lyner’s power for me.

Sorcerer: Yes by fusion.

Lyner: Do it.

Metro: Jewel do the fusion.

Thanks to the Red Jewel their bodies began to combine to create a whole new person.

???: Nice I don’t feel like I can lose.Chapter 10 Naos

The smoke covered the new person all you can see is a dark figure.

Shadow: What who are you and where’s Metro and Lyner

???: Metro and Lyner are here they have come together to make me, I begin and you end Shadow.

Shadow: Who the hell are you?

???: I am a temple power, you can call me Naos!

Shadow: Naos eh! Well it doesn’t matter two weaklings it will still make a weakling!!

Shadow charges at Naos, in the smoke the figure sprung out to wings and blow both the smoke and shadow away. The smoke cleared the dragon wings are metal and Naos has a human figure with the metal dragon tail, horns, hair, and a mask with teeth on the mask cover his mouth and nose up to his ears his body is part metal. His eyes are demon red colored but the eye are moving continuously. When the smoked cleared Naos was behind Shadow, Shadow look to see him.

Shadow: What speed and his eyes there moving.

Naos: Well what’s wrong are you scared; I thought you said two weaklings make a weakling. Did you change your mind?

Shadow: Damn you!! I’ll kill you!! Try this!!

Shadow moves backs away from Naos.


There was a giant energy wave, Naos didn’t move from his spot and the blast hit him smoke was everywhere.

Marth: What’s going on out there? Damn it don’t die Lyner.

The smoke cleared.

Naos: Is that all got, oh hey!! Do you mind getting my back to that be great it’s a little tense.

Shadow: Go to hel…graaaa.

Naos punched Shadow in the gut.

Naos: If you don’t want to that’s fine too.

Out of breathe Shadow.

Shadow: Damn you!

Shadow flow up high then looked down.

Shadow: See if you can handle this.

Shadow throw his arms up and a giant dark energy ball came out of it.

Roy: Whoo its like a size of a plant.

Presea: That big enough to destroy this whole world.

Naos: OOHH!! That big but is it enough to stop me.

Shadow: (What damn him). APOCALYPSE BALL!!!

The giant energy ball comes down to Naos. Naos flies towards the energy ball and grabs it the energy ball pushes him back.

Shadow: So you want to die early that’s fine with me, what!

The energy ball starts moving back towards Shadow the energy flies back to Shadow faster, Shadow flies out of the path of the energy ball he then lands on the ground.

Shadow: What that impossible, how strong is this guy.

Naos: Hey! Behind you!

Shadow looks back.

Shadow: What!

Naos: Is that all you got.

Naos punches Shadow and he flies back. Naos speed gets him behind Shadow while he is still flying back Naos kicks Shadow up and then he flies on top of Shadow and punches him back down Shadow hits the ground and leaves a crater.

Shadow: Damn it! Naos I’ll kill yo..

Naos was in front of Shadow.

Naos: What was that.

Shadow: ….

Naos: Yeah I thought so.

Naos grabs Shadow and throws him up. Naos was then across from Shadow when he stop flying up.


Energy waves hit Shadow.

Shadow: AAHHAAAA!!!

Naos attack finish and Shadow still alive but badly damaged.

Naos: Still alive I see well one more then FINAL DRAGON EXPL…

Shadow: NOW!! You let your guard down.

Shadow grabs the red jewel on Naos’s forehead and rips it out.

Shadow: Separate them Jewel!!

The Jewel glows and Naos is back to being Lyner and Metro.

Metro: Crap!!

Lyner: Now what!

Shadow: Now this is easier.

Shadow then throws away the jewel.

Shadow: I don’t need that.

Lyner: I don’t care I won’t lose to you, RRAAA!!

Metro: Damn you, you beat to all well I won’t lose, RRAAAA!!

Marth: Do you feel that it’s Lyner.

Presea: Yeah it’s Lyner’s power but it getting bigger.

Roy: It must be what Entei said.

Sue: He’s got the sacred power with in him.

Lyner: RRRAAARRAAA!! (What is this power)

Metro: RRRAAARAA!! (This power it new it feels like the power Lyner is having now)

Shadow: What’s this, those two are getting stronger. Why!!

The energy’s around Metro and Lyner start to turn white a new power is born.

Metro and Lyner: This is the end of you, Shadow!!
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Chapter 11 Birth of Super

Lyner: RRRAAAA!!


Shadow: …

Lyner’s hair changes white his eye cooler changes to green. Metro’s metal body changes gold and his eyes red. There powers glow brighter and brighter, there powers make the wind blow harder and harder.

Shadow: Nice new power I know how to make this interesting I’m going to let this planet watch our battle. On Earth the sky turns dark and in the sky the people see the image of Shadow, Metro and Lyner getting ready to fight.

Shadow: HHAAHAAHA!! The winner decides the fate of this planet.

Lyner: You’re weakened by Naos we can take you.

Shadow: That right but I can heal like Metro.

His body glow and the healing is complete.

The people of Earth watch in fear of who will win.

Shadow: Your world fits the finale.

Lyner: Shut up!! This is not my world it is the world that you and Metro made in my mind.

Shadow: We are a part of you so part of this world is yours too.

Metro: I could care less lets get started already. Lets go Lyner RRAA!!

Lyner: RRRAAA!!

Lyner and Metro charge at Shadow. The wind blows hard for every hit that all the world shakes, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, and flashes of light both Metro and Lyner work together to put an end to Shadow. Metro shots an energy wave then Shadow shots anther energy wave at Metro wave.

Metro: Lyner Help me out!!

Lyner: RRAAA!! Final explosion!!

Metro: Dragon’s Breath!!

Shadow: Dark Ending!!

Metro and Lyner’s energy waves combine and cut throw Shadow attack and hits Shadow in a flash of light Shadow vanishes and all that is left is one feather.

Lyner: Yeah we did it Metro.

Metro: Yeah we did.

They both look at each other and they punch each other in the face, they start fighting.

Lyner: Shinning fist!

Metro: Dragon’s Roar!

The small blasts cancel each other out. They go for punches and kicks. Then out of nowhere Shadow come back and hit them both now the battle that was two on one is now a three-way battle. The battle lasted long while they were fighting Lyner’s friends try to get closer to the battle to see what’s going on but they are stopped.

???: No you can’t go!!

Sue: Who’s that!

And out of the shadows came out Entei.

Marth: Entei!!

Presea: I thought you died

Entei: Well in away I did but thanks to Metro’s metal body protecting him the blast didn’t take full effect so in other word the metal absorbed the blast and I was safe because of it.

Presea: Wow.

Roy: Yeah wow.

Sue: We have to go to Lyner.

Entei: you’ll be in the way.

Sue: I have to see him.

Entei: …..

Sue: …..

Entei: Fine (I hope there power finally woke up)

Back to the battle the three way deadlock, in the middle Shadow and Metro turn on Lyner and they fight together to take out Lyner. Lyner can’t take them both on at once. Metro and Shadow do their attacks on Lyner.

Metro: Broken Beam!!

Shadow: Dark Ending!!

The attacks hit Lyner and he flies back and fall in the water sinking, Lyner’s friends see this happen.

Entei: Lyner!! (Damn I don’t have enough power)

Sue: Lyner! Noooooo!!

Marth: Nooo!

Roy: Damn it!!

Presea: Those bastards

Entei: What’s this has to be it their power has awakened I feel it coming from them.

Sue flow to Lyner and the others followed they went down to the water. They grabbed Lyner, Marth, Presea, and Roy made a bubble so they can breath under the water, Sue was trying to heal him.

Lyner: Guys where did you get this power.

Sue: Entei told us we had powers too but it did not wake up.

Lyner: When?

Roy: When you went to rest of course.

Presea: Only Sue’s powers were half awake then she can heal.

Sue: Damn its not working.

Marth: What how?

Sorcerer: I can tell you.

Sue: !? Fine but why?

Sorcerer: Because he is too damaged you’re too weak to heal him but with my power you can but I want something in return.

Sue: What!?

Marth: Your not really going to do this right!

Sue: I have too.

Sorcerer: A new soul.

Sue: Fine!!

Sorcerer: Good!! Here!!

The power healed Lyner.

Lyner: Sue thanks!

Sue: No problem.

Sue then falls.

Lyner: Sue NOOO!!

Lyner: Your weren’t supposed to be in this fight.

Sue: Sorry.

Lyner: Sue, Sue wake up, wake up, SSSUUUUUEEEE!!!
Chapter 12 A New Level Dark and Light

Lyner: NOO!!

Sorcerer: Oh well a new soul.

Lyner: Shut up!! You don’t get to talk!!

Sorcerer: What dark power its huge better leave.

Lyner: RRARRAAAA!!!!

Lyner’s power pushed back everyone around him back, he took Sue body and went up to the land and put her down.

Lyner: If I didn’t have to fight you would be alive but…. AAAHHHAAA!!!!

Lyner flies to Metro and Shadow. Lyner stops in front of them. The world begins to rain.

Lyner: I understand this is my world, I understand now.

Metro and Shadow: …..

Lyner: I will Kill YOU!!! RRRRAAAAA!!!!

The power around Lyner stops being white and now it turns black but not just the energy but also his skin turns black his eyes and mouth turn white.

Shadow: What!?

Lyner: RRAAAA!!

Entei: No! This power, Super Dark!!

Lyner’s speed was so great that he moves all around Shadow and Metro it looked like they were not moving at all. When Lyner stop moving both Metro and Shadow got serous damaged.

Metro: AAARAA!!

Lyner: Try this DARK EXPLOSION!!

Shadow: It’s bigger then final explosion, AAHHAAAA!!!

Metro: AAHHHAA!!!

Marth: Wohh!! What power.


Presea: Such anger.

Roy: And pain.

Lyner: RRAAARRAA!!! Dark Enforcer!!

Energy goes around Metro and Shadow and they were cover up by it and you can’t see them anymore. Lyner then closes his hand and the energy ball gets smaller and smaller then, BOOM!!

Lyner: END!!

Shadow: Damn that hurt (Can’t move, got to heal)

Metro: Damn that did hurt (Got to hurry and heal what is this power)

Lyner: Die!

Lyner shots anther energy wave at them and they fly back

Entei: Lyner isn’t himself now; I don’t have enough energy to fly.

Marth: I’ll go.

Roy: Me two.

Presea: Not without me too guys.

They all left to stop Lyner.

Marth, Roy, and Presea: LYNER!!

Marth: You have to clam down!

Roy: Yeah clam down!

Lyner: Get out of my way!

Presea: What about Sue how would she feel if she saw you!

Lyner: ….

Lyner: it my fault she’s dead!

Presea: No the jewel took her life.

Lyner color went back to normal the dark energy was gone.

Lyner: I will win this fight and protect everyone! RRRAAAA!!

The power around Lyner changed back too white but even brighter then before. Angel wings in energy form come out of Lyner. The area around Lyner stopped raining but the other side where Shadow and Metro are is still raining.

Roy: What power!!

Lyner: Guys leave I’ll handle this.

Metro and Shadow come back.

Metro: What a new power again

Shadow: It doesn’t matter let’s go.

Lyner: Okay.

Lyner was behind both of them.

Lyner: Well let’s go

Metro: He’s too strong Shadow!

Shadow: I know how about we do what you did with Lyner!

Metro: Fusion! Right! Red Jewel come now!!

Sorcerer: What!!

Metro: use fusion on us.

Lyner: I’ll let you too it won’t be enough.

Sorcerer: Fusion!!

A new power combining two great evils has been born Darkness rain.

???: Welcome the new Monster!
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Chapter 13 Chaos Is Born

???: Everything was leading up to this moment, the moment where you fight the true evil now come for our last battle. This is where you’re gave will be placed.

Lyner: Who are you!

???: My name is Chaos.

Lyner: Chaos heh! It suits you!

Chaos: Thanks.

Chaos has metal wings shaped like demon wings, his tail is metal, his eyes are demon red, his hair is white and black the same goes for the metal coat, he has sharp teeth, black lining that goes up to the eye and down, the jewel on his forehead with another jewel on his chest.

Chaos: This time I will win with this new power.

Lyner: Bring it!

The fight began, the rain, lighting, and thunder continued. In the battle all his friends can see is lights and explosions, everyone watches to se the fate of Earth death or life. They stop but the explosions and lights still continue there too fast. Lyner flies to the ground and Chaos does his attack.

Chaos: Try this BLOOD BALL!!

A giant red ball shots from chaos Lyner flies to stop it so he grabs it Lyner’s feet hit the ground the energy ball pushes him back then Lyner stops it but Chaos gets behind him.

Chaos: DARK BEAM!!

The energy wave hits Lyner the smoke covered Lyner then Lyner charged out of the smoke and punches Chaos in the face.

Lyner: That it!!

Lyner: Light Beam!

The beam hit Chaos.

Lyner: (He’s a lot stronger then I thought I probable don’t have the power to stop him damn)

Chaos: LYNER!! DIE!!

There fight became explosive the world was shaking.

Lyner: (I have an idea I will use the power of the people on Earth) Marth, Roy, Presea, I need your help can you distract him.

Marth: I you crazy we stand a chance.

Roy flies and attacks along with Presea.

Marth: What you crazy bastards fine I’ll go too.

Marth follows Roy and Presea.

Lyner: Okay, people of Earth I know you can hear me I need your help to stop Chaos, I ask you for your power lend me your power to final END THIS!!! Just let go of yourselves, relax!

The power of Earth surrounds Lyner.

Lyner: I can feel it Thanks!

While Chaos is toying with Lyner’s friends, Chaos feels the power Lyner is getting.

Chaos: No! I’ll stop you!!

Chaos flies towards Lyner then a blast comes out of nowhere and hits Chaos.

Entei: I won’t let you!

Chaos: I remember you, you’re the idiot that killed himself but I guess not because you’re alive.

Entei: I’ll stop you this time! Lyner hurry! This time I won’t make the same mistake twice!!

Lyner: Entei your alive but how?

Entei: I’ll tell you later, just hurry!

Lyner: RIGHT!!

All four of them hold back Chaos with everything they have.

Lyner: Damn hurry!!

Marth: Is he done yet!

Entei: NO!! That a lot of power he building up.

Roy: He better hurry.

Lyner: Almost, almost there, a little more.

Entei: Burning Flash!!


Entei: (That should give use some time)

Chaos: AAHHAA!! NOT!!

Entei: ….!!!

Chaos punches Entei.

Lyner: Entei!! ..!! Done!! Take this Chaos!!!! For the people you have destroyed and for Sue! DIE!!! LIFE BALL!!!

Chaos: What!!

It hit Chaos and pushes him back but chaos manages to stop it.

Lyner: Damn I’d hoped it would be enough I guess not, it over.

???: Its not over you have more power.

Lyner: Who said that?

Lyner turned around to see someone with energy wings like him.

Lyner: Sue!

Sue: I am a spirit now but I will help, I will give you power.

The power pushes Chaos back slowly. Then Marth, Presea, Roy, and Entei fly next to him.

All four of them: We’ll give you power too. AAARRAAA!!!

Lyner: Together Now! RRAAAA!! DIE CHAOS!!

All of them: RRAAAAAARRA!!!!

Chaos: NOO!! I can’t stop it!! NOOO!! AAHHAAAAAAA!! I will kill you LYNER!!!

Chaos is in the ball of energy and he disintegrates in it then Chaos is gone there is nothing left.

Marth: It over.

Lyner: NO! Not yet one more thing.

Entei: The Jewel.

Lyner looks for the jewel then he finds it.

Lyner: Jewel give Sue her life.

Sorcerer: NO!!

Lyner: I knew you’d say that.

Lyner put his energy in the jewel to purify it.

Sorcerer: NOO! STOP!!

The Red Jewel turn White and it glow with a new light.

Jewel: Thank you Lyner.

Lyner: Who are you?

Jewel: You wound know me as The Light.

The Light: I will give her life back and all those that where killed by Metro and Shadow.

The Jewel glows all the thing done bad was undone.

Lyner: Sue!

Sue: What a dream.

Lyner: …..

Sue: What!

Lyner: Nothing! Just glad.

Sue: Good!

Entei: ….. Light!

The Light: Entei you have done well but I need you to do something find the other sagas and tell what happened OK.

Entei: Yes!

The Light: Now you kids I will send you back and live. Lyner when we are back I need you to destroy the jewel for soon I will lose control can you do that for me.

Lyner: Yes!!

They get back to Entei cabin.

Lyner: You ready.

The Light: Yes.

Lyner throws the Jewel in the air and he shots it with he’s energy attack the Jewel disappears.

Lyner: Now it over.

Entei: Yes. (It was nice seeing you again Light) Well I better get going.

Lyner: So going to find the other.

Entei: Yes it’s been a ride until we meet again.

Lyner: Yeah!

Entei: Until the next time, protect this world okay

Lyner: I will no question about it!

Entei leaves to find the other and Lyner and his friends continue to live for now.

Lyner: Wait! Entei I tried going super but I can’t why.

Entei: You where in your mind remember, because of that you power was increased ten fueled.

Lyner: Metro and Shadow too right.

Entei: Yes.

Lyner: Is that why Shadow took me to my mind, to get stronger.

Entei: I guess so, for more power!

Sue: Their both dead so you should worry about it.

Roy: Yeah just let it go.

Presea: I can’t wait to get home and finally get a good night sleep.

Marth: Me too lets go guys.

Lyner: Sorry I just had to know.

Entei: that power will be unlocked some day all you have to do is keep training. Well the other won’t wait for me to find them so I go now.

Lyner: See ya.

Entei: Yeah.

Entei flies off to find the others.

Lyner: so can you guys fly now?

The other flow up in the sky.

Marth: our power was unlocked too thanks to the Jewel. That’s what Entei told us.

Presea: Yeah because the carter had some of the Jewels energy and we went in it to get you.

Lyner: I see.

Roy: HEY! Are we going or not!

Lyner: Right! Lets go!

Marth: I’ll race ya!

Lyner: You’re on!

They both flow fast.

Presea: Hey!! Wait up!

Roy: Don’t start without me!

Sue: Ahahahaha!

They all fly off back home and looking at a peaceful life.


In a dark cave another evil talks but we don’t know who they are and how they know about the Jewels power. You can’t see their faces.

The four talk.

2???: MY, MY, it looks like the Jewels gone!

3???: No it’s been destroyed.

4???: I guess we should make another!

1???: No we just bring the old one back.

2???: Yes, with the Dark Book.

3???: Wait! What about those kids and Entei?

4???: We are stronger then all of them, there’s no need to worry about them.

3???: Why?

2???: That kid can’t go super you remember and the other others are weak so was Metro and Shadow.

1???: Let us begin the RITUAL!

3???: If HE finds us.

2???: Yes, we need His power too.

1???: don’t worry I can handle Him.

Created by

Walter Bermudez

Date January 12, 2007 finished
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PostSubject: Re: Red Jewel Begining of Blood   Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:34 am

Plz if you took the time to read this thank you and I'm well aware of errors in it you do not have to point them out if u have too I still wish to know what you think. Thank you again.
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Someone Random
Someone Random

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PostSubject: Re: Red Jewel Begining of Blood   Sat Jul 18, 2009 1:47 am

tl;dr sorry .________.

But... You clearly have skill of writing. Some typos and lack of ",", but good story anyways. (Even though I didn't read it...)
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PostSubject: Re: Red Jewel Begining of Blood   Fri Jul 24, 2009 4:30 pm

I read most of it. I can see you have very nice writing skills. Nice job! I'm not a writer myself though, I'm an artist. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Red Jewel Begining of Blood   Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:17 pm

anyone is welcome to put fan art lol
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Sasuke Uchiha
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Sasuke Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: Red Jewel Begining of Blood   Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:22 pm

wooooooo lmao lol dats so long i took me 20 mins to read it all my eyes hurt! ahh lol(:
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PostSubject: Re: Red Jewel Begining of Blood   

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Red Jewel Begining of Blood
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