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 Clauses and such

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PostSubject: Clauses and such   Wed Jul 08, 2009 4:46 pm

Standard Clauses- The most often used and considered the normal competative clauses

Evasion/Accuracy Clause-Raising your evasion or lowering thier accuracy is strictly prohibited. Examples include moves such as Double-team and Minimize. For lowering thier accuracy moves such as Mud-slap and Sand Attack.

Acupressure has been removed from counting as a banned move due to it randomly raising a stat. It is still frowned upon and will most likely get you flamed for using it, but if that doesn't bother you go ahead and use it. *Some people disconnect after you use this is generally a forfeit, but use your discreation if you notice that the connection is bad the whole match try to be the preverbial bigger player and offer a rematch*

OHKO Clause-One Hit Knock Out moves are strictly prohibited. Examples include moves such as Sheer Cold and fissure.

These have low percent chance to hit, but are banned simply because they take little or no skill to use and are simply luck based. *This makes abilities that prevent OHKO moves pointless as barring the very very rare anything goes matches this clause is always in effect, so it's a safe bet to plan on them being pointless. It's still your choice ofcourse.*

*Item Clause-No duplicate items on your team when entering the match. *If somebody makes you violate the item clause it's not your forfeit, yes people have tried to claim it as such.*

This clause has come into questions on several occasions, but is still counted as a standard clause. It is now however assumed only in tournaments that go by standard clauses. It's worth a note that they violated it in any other match, but don't heckle them about it.

'Hax' Items Clause-Luck items are prohibited. This clause has been known to be ignored, but is always mentioned before play that it is going to be ignored otherwise it is in effect.
These items include:
Quick Claw
Focus Band
Lax Incense
Kings Rock

*No matter how much you want to argue that Scope Lens (1-level crit increase) is banned it's not. Same goes for those who magically assume you're using the Scope Lense since you had a streak of good luck they're just complaining you did nothing wrong. There are others that are argued about, but I posted the full list of the banned ones.*

Self-KO Clause-When you and your opponent have only one pokemon left, if you use Explosion or Self-Destruct, you automatically lose. Also if you use Destiny Bond with your last Pokémon, and your opponent's last causes both to faint. This clause was made to stop matches from ending in a tie.

Sleep Clause-Only one pokemon on each team at one time can be asleep. Pokemon who fall asleep with Rest are excluded. Also, If you have one pokemon asleep, and the ability Effect Spore activates, and picks sleep it is ignored.

Uber Clause (a.k.a the banned pokemon)-Uber tier is banned.

Species Clause-No two of the same type of pokemon. It should really be the Duplicate Clause or something since you're allowed to use unevolved forms with the evolved form and to me those would be the same species.

Minor Clauses-Clauses only in effect on request and are negotiable between the parties playing.

Freeze Clause-Sleep clause only with freezing. This clause used to be in the Standard Clauses, but was moved due to it simply being a side-effect of several ice attacks.

Enigma Clause-If you have one (It's probably hacked, but hacked items are perfectly fine no matter where you go) the Enigma Berry is banned under this clause. The Enigma Berry supposedly can't be planted to increase it's numbers on your game. (Never tried it myself, but the plant no matter how much you water it is only supposed to grow one berry and that's essentially the berry you used when planting it.) Berries over Wi-fi are not used up when activated in a match so if you have one feel free to use it.

False Clauses-People simply like to complain and try to make thier own clauses these are those clauses.

Skarm-Bliss Clause- Skarmory and Blissy cannot be on the same team.

Legend Clause-No legends are allowed to be used.

Leftovers Clause-Leftovers is illegal.

Special Rules-Rules that are enacted to add variety from the usual competative play, these are just as valid as the clauses.

Tier Limiting-Only pokemon from a certain tier and below are allowed, generally it only bans OU tier pokemon.

Tier Selection-Limits the number of pokemon from a specified tier to a set number. It is generally required that you meet the max requirement of the selction limits. Example You are restricted to 1 UBER, 2 OU, 3 UU below (BL is a faux tier and count as OU in most tier limiting scenarios, be sure to check before assuming they are legal when OU is not.)
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PostSubject: Re: Clauses and such   Thu Jul 09, 2009 5:05 pm

This and the tier lists should probably be sticky threads if possible because they kind of are the rules for Pokemon matches.
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Clauses and such
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